Step 2: Things you need to know

Things you will use:  #F (#5, 3.75mm) crochet hook
                                     Worsted Wt. Medium yarn [#4] - about 3 oz. or 100m
                                     Yarn needle

When putting the sides of the yo-yo together - identifying the inside and outside loops.
This picture shows what are inside and outside loops when joining sides. The inside loops
are used to join body yo-yo and the outside loops are joined for leg yo-yo.

To add nose and eyes you will be using an embroidery stitch called a French knot. The second picture shows how this knot is sewn.
Its so cute! too bad I cant crochet...
Love the Kitty critter. I sent it by email to someone but all they got was steps 1 to 10, the text and thumbnail pics. How can I get the rest of the steps and thumbnails to go in an email?
Did you make sure that all of the boxes on the second line for the rest of the pages are checked? Assuming you are downloading the customized pdf.
I downloaded the pdf file to see what happened and got the whole thing without any problem -- so, I don't know what to tell you.
I have tried downloading the PDF. results; nothing. In about 2 seconds after clicking on download, it says 100%. not so. Nothing works very well on instructables.
I have printed the first 10 steps with the  thumbnail pics. I want to print all the rest of the steps and thumbnail pics. How do I Do it? I need an answer to this.
Love this!&nbsp; Thanks for all the instructions too<br />

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