This last Halloween we did Star Wars as a family.... here are some images that hopefully inspire you this year.

Step 1: Face Paint

Painting a 2 year old can get tricky.... they are also quick to rub their face. I did paint it twice... once with more detail and the other pretty plain because of time constraints and nap schedules.

Step 2: Supporting Cast

Paint and dress the rest of the kids/cousins/wife

I had they lay down on the dining table so they would sit still with their head facing me. This meant i had to paint them upside down but it was a non-issue.

Princess Leia we used an angle gown from a church play, a long wig spun into buns and a nerf gun painted black.

My wife was a trooper (Purchased Captain Rex combo)

Step 3: Final Touch... Yoda Pumpkin Carving

After cutting out the guts, carve a 3D relief of Yoda... the candle light then shines through the meat of the pumpkin.

Step 4: Luke Skywalker... the Ultimate Yoda Accessory.

I dressed up as Luke.... the ultimate Yoda accessory.

Hiking pants, belt, lightsaber, t-shirt with cutoff sleeves... and a Baby Bjorn (kid hauler) warn backwards.

Load them up and go get some candy!

Ha ha. This is awesome. I love it.
<p>I love this such a good job im voting for you </p>
Awesome! Great job!
<p>ha ha that kid is super ferociously cute!</p>

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