I'm an artist who recently has gotten into cake decorating and have fallen in love with it! I'm currently taking the beginner cake decorating classes and hoping to land a job at a bakery. I decided to try making my first sculpted cake and chose Yoda as the subject. It was so much fun and I've found my passion! This is a red velvet cake (with rice krispie treats for the ears) covered in fondant. i tried to get as much detail as I could. I wanted to finish the bust with fondant clothing over the neck area and covering the pan and plate but I ran out of time and fondant. Yoda was very yummy! Everyone said it was sad to cut into him, but we went to the dark side that night. :) Hopefully I will have time soon to continue the Star Wars theme with another sculpted cake.

I was so into making this cake that I forgot to take more photos while I was making it, but here's the written story of how I made the cake.

1. First I printed out lots of reference photos of Yoda from as many different angles as I could find.

2. Then I baked the cakes. I used 2 box mixes of red velvet cake, altering/adding-to each mix to make the cake stronger so it would hold up to the stacking and carving and fondant better. I made four 8 inch rounds. Once they were cooled I stacked them up, with white buttercream icing in between the layers. I then put the stacked cake into the freezer for a while so that it would be easier to carve (I was hoping, as I wasn't exactly sure what I was doing, just going off what I see on different cake shows and challenges and from online videos and forums.)

3. While the cake was in the freezer I made the Rice Krispie treats and then molded each ear around some take-out chopsticks (was working with what I had, hadn't thought about their support and it was around midnight.)

4. Once the cake was about half-frozen, I lay out my reference photos and just started carving out the basic shape with a knife. I scooped out some cake on the sides the same size around as the base of the ears so that they would be inset a little into the cake and help hold them up.

5. Once the carving was done and I had the ears on, I crumb coated it with vanilla buttercream. There's a couple photos I had taken of it after the crumb coating.

6. Then I made the fondant (marshmallow fondant) and covered the cake. The eyes and most of the nose are fondant. For the eyes I added those separate. First the white oval, then made and attached the eyelids. I used clay sculpting/carving tools for all the details, wrinkles, etc.

7. Then the last thing was the hand painting. I mixed up about 6 different colors (different hues of greens and browns and grays) using vodka and the Wilton gel colors. They were like watery watercolors. I speckled the whole head in several hues for a faint mottled look. I painted subtle shades in all the recesses and with a fine brush in some of the wrinkles, and then darker color in the ears. I used a tiny brush to paint the eyes with the gel food colors mixed with only a drop or two of vodka.

And that's how I did it! :)
Nboy191 year ago
msmith1342 years ago
Amazing creativity!!
tchitwood (author)  msmith1342 years ago
Thank you!!! :)
firecat772 years ago

Thanks so much for the info! by the way your cake is absolutely amazing! your awesome! ok, ok... a few questions though... do you have the measurements for the ears, how big the eyes should be etc? Also how many people did your yoda head feed?

thank you again!
tchitwood (author)  firecat772 years ago
Hi there,

Thank you!!!

The ears were about 6 inches long. I don't have the measurements for the eyes, as I didn't measure anything, just did it all by eye, looking at my reference pics as I went. But, each eye, from corner or eye, including eyelids, looks to be (from my pictures because I cannot remember from 2 years ago) about 1/3 the length of an ear so maybe go with 2"? Or if you are making the whole thing larger or smaller, go with a 1/3 the length of one of the ears.

This size fed 8-10 of my friends, not including the ears, which were rice cereal treats, which my best friend and I claimed. :)

Your welcome and thank you again!
wow...thats one of the coolest and meticulously detailed cakes ive ever seen...very good
tchitwood (author)  the_cactus_caper3 years ago
Thank you so much! :)
a little horrible. But you make it good.
tchitwood (author)  susanchen20113 years ago
LOL, thank you :)
JDMac1743 years ago
Nothing less than amazing!
tchitwood (author)  JDMac1743 years ago
Thank you so much!!! :)
osemiat3 years ago
OK! I finally made my yoda cake, for my boyfriend.
Here it is!
Thank you for the inspiration and your help!!!!
tchitwood (author)  osemiat3 years ago
That is awesome!!! I bet he loved it. And thank you and your welcome!! :)
You, my dear, are an awesome cake decorator to the Nth degree!
Thank you so much! :)
Do you perhaps have a link to the fondant recipe you used? I decorate also but have not found a fondant recipe that I am happy with yet and by the looks of your Yoda, the fondant recipe you employed is workable for good details. Gorgeous cake btw!
tchitwood (author)  pneumadragonfly3 years ago
Hi there!

I use the marshmallow fondant recipe located here:


I've loved it and it is easy and inexpensive.

And thank you!
osemiat3 years ago
OK, this is one of the best cakes I have ever seen in my life!!!
You have an amazing talent.

I must ask you how did you cover the head together with the ears with the fondant?
I can understand covering the head separately and the ears separately but I don't understand how you covered them together.... :)
tchitwood (author)  osemiat3 years ago
Thank you so much!

I speak better in visuals so I made a little drawing of how I covered it together. I hope this makes sense! :)
Wow, thank you so much for the visuals! And what a quick reply.
Your cakes are awesome!
I want to try and make this cake too, I'll update when it's ready :)
tchitwood (author)  osemiat3 years ago
Thank you and your welcome! I'd love to see it when you are done! Going to try my hand at a wedding cake soon. I'm not as good at non-sculpted cakes so I've got my fingers crossed.
hihihi0hi3 years ago
ha ha ha!
i like the red vivrt1
tchitwood (author)  hihihi0hi3 years ago
Thank you! I love using the red velvet for humanoid creatures! :)
lol thx! u have great talants!
YEA GADS DORIS CANNIBALS, shoot them thats what the rubber band gus are for!!!!!

very very niceEven got the bumpy head right!
tchitwood (author)  spark master4 years ago
LOL, thank you! :)
It is kinda creepy like he was executed. You could make up some corn syrup blood and splatter a plate with it then put cake in th emiddle!!! yikes children will go into convulsions since your really does look rather stupendous. good luck
tchitwood (author)  spark master4 years ago
Hee hee! Would be perfect for Halloween though! Of course i had to use red velvet :)
keep them a baking!
jimopertrat4 years ago
Amazing. all i can say. 5*
tchitwood (author)  jimopertrat4 years ago
Thank you!
mslaynie4 years ago
This is absolutely phenomenal. I don't even have words, I just... I keep looking at this and making faces! It's pretty obvious this isn't the first head you've sculpted, even if it is your first sculpted cake. I just...

... nope. No words. :D

I'm glad you included the photos of cutting the cake. I rarely get to see that, and it's something I've been interested in. I'm so interested in doing this, but I'm afraid my attempts would look nothing like this! (Or, come to think of it, nothing like what I was trying to make them look like, either!)

You're fabulous!! I want to see more of your cakes!
tchitwood (author)  mslaynie4 years ago
Thank you so much!

Before I made this first sculpted cake, the last time I sculpted a head, or much of anything, was back in 9th grade, in uh, 1988 or 1989, and it didn't look very good, lol! That was why I was so happy with how this cake out! Even though that was a long time ago I was thinking it would come out as bad as that head I sculpted back then.

I really enjoy cutting up the cakes and seeing all my friends and family enjoy them. :)

I jumped into this on a whim last year and I haven't regreted it! I think you should give it a try! There are a lot of videos online that show basic techniques and then I learned a lot from watching a lot of Ace of Cakes, Food Network Challenges, Amazing Wedding Cakes, Fabolous Cakes, Ultimate Cake Off and Cake Boss. I'm now taking cake classes at a local cake shop to learn more about making non-sculpted cakes and all the techniques, etc. It's a lot of fun!
I'd love to, but there's too much stuff that needs to be done on a schedule. I have fibromyalgia, so I can't even manage baking pretty cookies anymore, although I still love to read about other people doing them.

I stick to other art projects that I can put down when I need to. But this... what you did is AMAZING!! :D Thanks for sharing... your cakes are amazing!
Oh man this is awesome I recently tried my hand at some fondant cupcakes I made little green ghosty heads they were super cute, but this is amazing. I did not freeze anything >.> and that may account for some problems I ran into. I think what makes it all pop is your painting the shading is really well done. I just stocked up a bunch of bread making supplies but I may have to make cakes. Making sweets is always so much more fun than other baking. I love the decorating. <.< But I don't actually like to eat sweets. I have whole cupboards(plural) filled with different kinds of cookies that I thought would magically eat themselves T-T Meby I should stick to bread after all. With my cooking addiction I will at least eat the bread.
tchitwood (author)  Grey_valentine4 years ago
Thank you! I would love to try to make some cool breads! The baker at the WFM bakery I work in (just bread guest service, not cake decorating, I don't have the experience making the kind of cakes they sell yet, or at least not fast enough! I just do sculpted cakes as a hobby for now) made this really cool huge alligator out of challah bread. It was so cool! I'm not much of a sweets eater either but it's still fun to make them :) but I'm glad I get the cakes out the house soon after I make them or I might start eating them!
Clownkiller4 years ago
Awesome, your cake is.
tchitwood (author)  Clownkiller4 years ago
Thank you, I do!
CyberWombat4 years ago
It is possibly one of the best cake I've ever seen :)
darkbain4 years ago
Crazy detail on that cake. I wouldn't be able to bring myself to cut it up, I'd just put it up on a shelf. Great work man.
tchitwood (author)  darkbain4 years ago
Thank you! It was a little sad to cut him up, but he sure tasted good! Who knew Yoda was made of red velvet? Hee hee :)
pedrombbm4 years ago
Sad Yoda is sad...He senses you're going to eat him :(
Best cake ever though!
tchitwood (author)  pedrombbm4 years ago
Sad Yoda was sad... and yummy! :)

Thank you!
That is the most beautiful work of cake art ever. I was sad to see the slice of it taken out! I am an artist and a huge Yoda fan and wow you need to work for a magazine!! Show that to Martha Stewart! And I agree with the Chef-PAullett comment you might need a job to pay the bills for now but you are highly talented for like real major media work or working for someone who needs a person to do this for exclusive clients or photography work... Good luck! So glad this dessert bug grabbed you
tchitwood (author)  haunted_lady4 years ago
Thank you so much! A job doing stuff like that would be a dream! Continuing to make cakes to build my portfolio. :)
Meechie4 years ago
Who is the "Master" now?... this is so awesome. I found this trying to figure out how I am going to make a Yoda costume for my 7 year old, maybe I should just wrap him in fondant, huh?!! :)

tchitwood (author)  Meechie4 years ago
Thank you! Hee hee, I'm picturing a kid wrapped in fondant now.
mikeeve5 years ago
You should send photos of this cake to the producers of "Dexter". This would make a great birthday cake for one of his kids.
Thats a really good idea and you would be surprised how many people get jobs in TV and movies by sending in their work!
Do Oprah's head for the Anniversary of her show this year!
Where is this "beginner" cake decorating class? I need to take it if I will learn how to make cakes like this!
tchitwood (author)  onebrokenneck4 years ago
:) Well, we aren't learning this kind of cake stuff! This is stuff I'm trying on my own. I didn't know any of the basic stuff so I'm loving the classes! But I'm also loving the sculpted stuff so much.
CoolKoon5 years ago
Wow! This is amazing! I'm kind of into cooking as well, but wouldn't even begin to imagine making stuff like that (my manual skills is more for electronics and piano than art :P). Just a single question: how long did it take to do this?
tchitwood (author)  CoolKoon5 years ago
Hello there! Thank you! It took me 9 hours total. 2 hours for baking and stacking, 1 hour for carving the cake and molding rice krispie ears, and 6 hours for the fondant work, detailing and painting. I was never into desserts until very recently. It's always been meals with me; known as the cook among friends. I'm really enjoying making the cakes. I just have to send them either with the husband to work or to a friend's house so I'm not tempted to eat so much cake!
yw ;) Your husband's coworkers have probably the best meal replacement they can get :) First I thought that you're doing this only occasionally (e.g. once a week or so) but if you do it almost every day then a LOT of cakes are created :) I hope they taste good though :P
tchitwood (author)  CoolKoon5 years ago
Well, I'm not doing sculpted cakes every week... yet! I do have one I'm making for the 11th (a bass coming out of the water) and one for the 18th (Noble 6 from the new Halo reach game), but those are going to nephews birthday parties, so his work doesn't get any of those! I'm in the cake classes though so every week I have a cake and cupcakes so I'm sending them with him :)
I love your cake it looks awsome ( well done) I would love to have a cake made by u
First~NEVER EVER undersell your work. Charge what it is worth! Figure out what you think you should make minimum per hour. How long it takes you and level of difficulty plus and product you purchased, power used, clean up time, shopping time, pans, Then add your bonus amount. I worked as a cook in a convent years ago and used their ovens to do cookies etc for Christmas. In exchange I made them Christmas Cakes and Cookies for their visitors. A hall used for weddings is not in use at night-you can work out a deal maybe for oven use- money or labor of some sort. Also there are some small facilities used for food processing~ normally ethnic foods (near my home) a friend of mine uses the place at night for a small fee. Another place to look for oven space are community centers and old age homes...for professional legal place to produce your wares. All else fails...caters can normally be allowed to make cakes for pay in the clients home. That is how professional home chefs get around the location problem. Just an idea. Start small...just family and friends who ask...then build up to those that attend their parties and see your cakes. Cakes are not normally if you leave out fresh cream or frostings with raw egg pretty safe foods. Its not like cooked vegetables or meat in the food safety category but you should still look into it. Maybe once you work for a place you can do like me and get some off hours space...maybe free. Or work out a special deal to do cakes subcontracted by them. BE CAREFUL and work out a good deal for your work if you do so.
tchitwood (author)  Chef_Paullett5 years ago
Thank you for all the great information and ideas! My current plan is to work in a bakery (that doesn't do sculpted cakes like this) part time, while continuing my freelance graphic design, and to learn more about different styles because I like doing the other stuff too, while continuing my sculpted experiements on my own time for family and friends to build up a portfolio. Then after some experience look into stopping the graphic design and begin doing the sculpted cakes on as a job. I'm just still so new to this that right now I'm not ready to bust out on my own yet!
Just some ideas to keep in the back of your mind. I have my own business and it took me years to get ready to do something for myself rather than work for someone else. The graphic design is a good background to cakes believe it or not. There are plenty of books on how to cost stuff & you sound like a smart cookie. Everything I have learned took forever and wasn't all in once place. I like sharing experience with others who may benefit. I'm an ideas person at heart. If you ever want some advice I'm on FaceBook as Paullett DeMoura. I have a vinyard and am opening my own restaurant soon. (I hope) I just have some health problems to take care of. What ever you do good luck and enjoy the process!
MISTHULA5 years ago
I loved the cake - fabulous detail on his face. I would really like to have the recipe for making the fondant since you said that you did make that yourself. Could you please post it as I would like to try my hand at something like this and it seems the fondant is the actual media that is needed to gain any sort of detail. Thanks and great job!!
tchitwood (author)  MISTHULA5 years ago
Hi there! Thank you! I got the recipe from the Wilton forums: http://www.wilton.com/forums/messageview.cfm?catid=7&threadid=137541 It was very easy to make and tasted very good (unlike a lot of store bought fondants I hear.) Just took a lot of kneading, my forearms were sore the next day!
Wow. Can you give the cakes away? But charge expenses, About $250 or more. Just an idea. I've got a couple of questions, how did you get the ears to stop collapsing, how did you get the icing soooo smooth, how long did it take and most important, what did it taste like.Great stuff Cheers .
tchitwood (author)  bobbelsekwol5 years ago
Thank you! I've thought about it, but I get worried about it! The rice krispie treat ears were molded around chopsticks. I cut out a small area equall to the base of the ear in the side of the cake where the ear would go. Then I stuck the stick with the ear into the cake at an angle because I figured the fondant would weigh it down and it did so the ears dropped a bit. The icing that's showing is the fondant. I'm still new to working with it and have a hard time getting it smooth if it's thin so I rolled mine pretty thick so it would be easier to keep smooth, but it did weigh down the ears a lot. Posting a little quick drawing of how I attached the ears. The cake took 9 hours total, and it tasted great! :)
wwonsang5 years ago
If you are in Dallas, I would love to buy one from you for my son!
tchitwood (author)  wwonsang5 years ago
Hello there! I am in the Dallas area, but it's illegal in Texas to sell food made in your regular home kitchen to the public. :( I found out that I would either have to have a separate kitchen with it's own entrance, or rent out a commercial kitchen. Neither of which are an option currently... but one day I hope!!!
SenKat5 years ago
HOLY CARP ! Erm...well...you know what I mean ! THAT is high quality work ! Seeing the knife in Yoda's head was kinda creepy....but, WOW ! I love watching the Food Network's, "Ace of Cakes" and I tell you - you should move to the Baltimore area, and apply for a job, mister ! NICE JOB !!!!
tchitwood (author)  SenKat5 years ago
Thank you so much! I'm not a "mister" :P but I sure wish Ace of Cakes was here in Dallas!
OMG !!! (Blush !) Sooooo very sorry for the mistaken "Mister" comment ! :) Dallas, huh ? Well, I am in San Antonio - if I have high funds, and need for an incredible cake, I know who to pester then :) It's be worth the drive, that is for certain ! Congrats, again - you do some VERY good work !!!!
tchitwood (author)  SenKat5 years ago
Hee hee! Hooray for another Texan :) And thank you again!
JediLoreen5 years ago
I just subscribed to you so that I can keep up on what fantastic creations you come up with next. Can't wait to see them. Great work in the Yoda head!
tchitwood (author)  JediLoreen5 years ago
Thank you very much!
dvivster5 years ago
This is lovely work, but the point is to post an "instructable" not a "braggable". I would love it if you could tell and show us how you did such a great job!
This is a quote from instructables when you go to submit a slideshow: "What can I use slideshows for? Slideshows are for showing off photos of what you made or did, but don't have full instructions to create an Instructable with. " I think she absolutely used it for its intended purpose.
tchitwood (author)  dvivster5 years ago
Thank you very much :) The reason that I posted this as a Slideshow and not an Instructable was because I did not take photos of the whole process so I didn't think I could do it as an Instructable. I'm very sorry! I didn't intend this as bragging (the farthest thing from my mind and not my style.) I just wanted to share in a Slideshow because I was so happy and excited and suprised that it came out like it did. I did go in and add some written steps today!
tchitwood (author) 5 years ago
Thank you all for your comments. I never thought there would be so many! I will apologize for this being just a Slideshow and not an Instructable. When making the cake it was a first for me and I wasn't sure what all I was doing or if it would even work out so I didn't take photos of the process. After it was done my sister suggested an Instructable but I didn't have photos of the process so I didn't think I could do an actual "Instructable" so she showed me that I could just put up a Slideshow instead, so that's what I did. So that is why it's just a Slideshow, although I just went back in and added written steps of what I did. I apologize if the Slideshows are supposed to be Instructables and I did this all wrong! I didn't imagine that the cake would turn out and when I was done and it did I was just so very happy with it and with how fun it was to make and excited about a career change. I totally surprised myself. I didn't intend for this to come off as bragging, as some have thought. And I apologize if it was taken that way. I was just very excited and happy that it worked and fell in love with making the cake that I wanted to share. Next time I will know to take photos of it all so I can do a proper Instructable.
mikeeve5 years ago
5 Stars for the cake, 1 star for the Instructable.
It's just a slideshow, loosen up....
monarch1555 years ago
I love this website because of submissions like this . . . what an inspiration! You are definitely Jedi Master material!
When I saw the knife plunged in the cake all I could think of was, "Away put your weapon, I mean you no harm!" lol Very well done, a true artist.
kstodd5 years ago
That is awesome! Look forward to any future post from you. Step by step would be great.
batjonesy5 years ago
Really good sculpting, but not much use on an instructables website unless you write how you did it so others can do it too.
how did you do the shading and coloring? It looks airbrushed...
tchitwood (author)  jasonruggles5 years ago
Hi there :) I don't own an airbrush so I made the fondant green and then mixed a lot of different subtle greens and browns of vodka and Wilton gel colors like watercolors and just hand painted it. First I speckled 3 colors all over for a more mottled look and then I did a light wash of color in all the wrinkles, nooks and crannies. Then painted the iris and pupil of the eye and a little bit of shading on the whites of the eyes next to the eyelids.
Amazing... and so awesome.
This cake is pimp-a-licious! I love the detail you put into it! But how could you do that to Master Yoda?! YOU BUTCHERED HIS FRICKIN' FACE OFF! OH THE HORROR...the horror...but oh so yummy.
I would call your abilities skillful ...try for a bakery job if you like...but it would be a waste. My advice...join a bakery if you want...but get your own company going on the side. Make a culinary portfolio of your work as you go. Good Luck. Oh, the first slice?....Gave a whole new meaning to the term "YOU COULD POKE AN EYE OUT WITH THAT THING" LOL
tchitwood (author)  Chef_Paullett5 years ago
Thank you! I'm going for a part time bakery job currently. It's not legal in TX to sell food made from your home kitchen to the public and we just don't have the funds right now for me to rent out a commercial kitchen (or open my own shop) but I'm hoping that if I'm working part-time I will be able to start renting out an Hour Kitchen and start making sculpted cakes for pay. Of course the cost of that would be reflected in the cost of the cake I suppose, but this is all so new to me that I don't feel ready to jump right into all that until I know more about the industry and what I should charge and contracts and any liability issues, etc. I wish Charm City Cakes was in Dallas!
Platinu5 years ago
Luna! You pop up in some of the wildest places but when I saw this cake I knew it was you! You're so talented!
tchitwood (author)  Platinu5 years ago
Plat!!! Hi there :) Thank you everyone!
What a strangely attractive cake.
tchitwood (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
*grin* :)
charliepp5 years ago
Will you be posting pic and/or step-by-step directions for how you did this cake?? it is truly amazing. Fantastic!
tchitwood (author)  charliepp5 years ago
The only photos I took were of the crumb coating after I carved the cake and attached the Rice Krispie ears and of the finished cake and then of the cutting. So that's why I did slideshow instead of an Instructable. But next cake I will! I can add written instructions though :)
ncp2465 years ago
This is INCREDIBLE, I can't believe you're only taking beginner classes. I'm just amazed at the amount of detail you put in to this, it's just spectacular. Awesome job, and keep up the good work. :D
wa5bbc5 years ago
Tami, Your Mom and I are very proud of you. You are so talented. (like your Mom...he he) Mom tells me your thinking of a fish cake for Cole's B-day!! Love ya Mom & Dad
Void Schism5 years ago
Until you cut a slice, I honestly thought this might be a fake as I have never seen a cake this detailed... I'm utterly stunned
I thought so too! Then... "huh. it IS real." :-)
cutekitten5 years ago
omg that is awesome!!!
ohmerfam5 years ago
Most impressed am i. Strong with the force this one is.
whiteoakart5 years ago
Very impressive, this is.
aleji77a5 years ago
lol, of course the inside HAD to be red velvet.... Creepy but cool.... but still creepy ^_^
adamazing5 years ago
Awesome..absolutely awesome. Though I'd love to see a step-by-step instructable!
LOL... Step-by-step instructable! More like a lot-of-practice instructable...
karmineky5 years ago
This is what I call creepy-cool!
beautiful cake, but I doubt Yoda has red insides :D
tchitwood (author)  davethedunce5 years ago
Hee hee hee :) And thank you!
gangsan19965 years ago
i cant eat that
prodo1235 years ago
Does Yoda deserve to die, get beheaded, and get his head eaten?.....lol just kidding. That actually looks really good! Super realistic, would freak some 5-year-olds out at a birthday party xD
margeyb5 years ago
That is very impressive, the patience and skill you have I am very jealous!
Nice cake, beautifully done -- though Yoda's head would look better on my wall! Love, "Pal"-patine
tchitwood (author)  uranus_b_hurtin5 years ago
Thank you! Hee hee, I have several more Star Wars characters in mind for more cakes and Palpatine is one of them! The characters I have in mind to do are Jabba (full body), Salacious B. Crumb (full body), Admiral Ackbar (bust), Emperor Palpatine (bust), Chewbacca (bust), a Tusken Raider (bust), or Leia with the buns (bust), and possibly Greedo (bust.) I can't seem to make up my mind what to do next!
"Han in Carbonite" would be a cool full body one
esosa5 years ago
Freaking unbelievable, I love it!!
scoochmaroo5 years ago
More more more!!!
Will we get a full Instructable next time? pleeeeeze :D
tchitwood (author)  scoochmaroo5 years ago
Yes! Next time I will remember to take photos of all the stages. :)
Best News All Day.
go on ace of cakes and work with duff on the food network
tchitwood (author)  tofu4tortoise5 years ago
I wish!!! That would be a dream come true!
you should.
angelabchua5 years ago
I took several cake decorating classes and have never come close to having the skill and talent that you have. this cake is amazing! you should really try and pursue this as a full time gig! if you need a full time cake tester... i am available
tchitwood (author)  angelabchua5 years ago
Thank you! I'm really happy I found a new (and yummy) way to use my art background. :) I'm taking the classes so that I can get better and learn the basics so that I can do all different styles of cakes, but I think sculpted/3-D is my passion. Hoping to land a bakery job very soon! Making my husband take cakes up to his work so that I'm not drowning in cake!
tillo5 years ago
That is amazing!! now the only thing missing is the lightsaber to cut trough it.
tchitwood (author)  tillo5 years ago
Hahah! We have a full size movie replica of a light saber, I should have taken a photo with it next to the cake!
mikoto5 years ago
Amazing job. that would be a great Grooms cake for a Die hard Starwars fan
thewizard425 years ago
....... *speechless*
It looks so violent when you cut the cake! The color makes it look gory.... But what delicious gore!
zascecs5 years ago
Damn, and you say you're only taking beginner classes...?
tchitwood (author) 5 years ago
Thank you all so much! It means a lot to me to read such nice comments. The cake took me 9 hours total from start to finish. 2 hours for the baking; 1 hour for the initial sculpting of the cake, molding the ears, and crumb coating; 6 hours for making and applying the fondant and all the detailing/sculpting of the fondant and the painting. I have my next 4 sculpted cakes planned for September and October and I can't wait to get to them. And there might be another squeezed in somewhere in there if I have time.
Every time I see the picture of the knife in his head I think "Amusing, this is not" Awesome job! I absolutely can not wait to see what you do next.
seamster5 years ago
Very nice. Well done!
randofo5 years ago
Over the past 4 years I've seen a lot of amazing cakes on this site, but I think that this cake possibly takes the cake.
tchitwood (author) 5 years ago
Thank you! Unfortunately, I didn't take photos of the whole process; that's why I made it a slideshow instead of an Instructable. I plan on doing more sculpted cakes soon though, so I will have to remember to take a lot more photos!