Can you hear Yoda now?

I hear him saying "Upcycle you will. The planet you will save."

One of the things I do for fun is to go to flea markets. I purchased a $5 (labeled) Fossil purse (green leather) with the intent of drawing Yoda on it. As I continued to walk around the flea market, I was amazed to find a second green purse, made out of what I call "pleather" or plastic-leather. It's much easier to take care of, can be cleaned easier, and still looks nice without the cost of real leather. That purse cost me $2.

So now I had two green purses with the intent of drawing Yoda on them.

Where do I start? Instructables, of course.

Doodlecraft recently posted her amazing C3PO and R2D2 shoes that I will make, someday. They will go fantastic with my Yoda purse.

Inspired by her Star Wars shoes, and using advice from her Instructable, How to Paint leather shoes by PenfoldPlant, and Upcycled Piano Virtuoso Clutch by Shrimp Salad Circus, I created these Upcycled Yoda Purses.

I put the "I made it" photo under the Upcycled Piano Clutch, because that was the closest thing to this particular Instructable and was great inspiration to try to use permanent marker on a purse.

The Step by Step instructions show the making of the pleather purse. I kept the leather Fossil purse for my own use and the instructions are virtually the same for that one as the pleather one with a few exceptions. Those instructions are in Step 9.

The second purse I gave to my good friend who is also a Star Wars fanatic and was absolutely thrilled to get it. Feel free to check out the photobomb by my own husband from her Facebook post about receiving the purse.

Made a choice I did. Stick with it, I must.

Oh and feel free to leave comments in Yoda-eese, because you know, it's just awesome to talk like that sometimes.

Step 1: Materials Used

If you didn't catch the hint in the Intro, this instructable shows how I drew a Yoda character onto a green purse.

I bought two different types of purses, one is leather and the details on how I drew Yoda on that purse are in Step 9.

The second purse, shown throughout this instructable, is not leather and it is also green.

The whole purpose for choosing a green purse was so that I could sketch the Yoda and have the majority of his skin color be the original purse color.

The tools I used to do this were permanent markers of all types, specifically Sharpies, and Faber Castell art pens.

I had Gold and Silver Metallic Permanent Markers that I used to color the eyes.

Specifically for the pleather purse, I also used Clear Acrylic Coating Aerosol Spray.

I searched the net high and low for a Yoda cartoon that I could hand-draw onto the purse by looking at it. I have a Pinterest board that I pinned options to and finally found something I thought I could copy by hand. I used regular Word doc to copy the photo into and enlarge it to a landscape size that would print well and I could see the details I needed. My printer was running out of ink hence the changes in color you may see in the photo, but I needed the lines to look at.

In Step 2 of the Instructable titled Star Wars Glowing Headboard with Stars, the author kynac suggests to use a cartoon or coloring book image to copy. That is fantastic advice if you are looking to use this instructable as inspiration to make another character on a purse.

A great project, this is. Try this, I should. Hmhmhmhmmmm. (Yoda laugh) But know how to tell the difference between real and fake leather, I do not. Please help, will you?
Know not, I do. Internet search, you must perform. Sorry, the only way I know how to do it is by scratching it and smelling it. If it's fake, it smells like plastic. If it's real, it smells like leather. That's how I've been able to tell. I hope that helps. =)
<p>Purse, lovely it is. Alas a geek, my lady is not. Funny looks I would get, but cool purse I would have. Muaheheheheheh <br><br>I really like the purse and know a few people that would be interested in such a bag. </p>
<p>That is why, made two I did. Hmmm. Friend I have. Love Yoda does she. Made it for her as well as me I did.</p><p>Too bad your lady's not a geek! I prefer the term Star Wars fanatic myself. =) I hope someone begins making and selling them. I would love to see that!</p>
<p>Awesome it is! green it must be!</p>
<p>Grateful I am! The skin, it must look like hmmm... =)</p>
<p>Free one you get from me!</p><p>Well done are the details on Yoda's face. Quite nicely do the ears match his ears shapes. There would be no place I would not wear this proudly.</p><p>Finally a high pitched gruff "Mer mer mer mer mer"<br>Sadly that is my best attempt at typing his amazing laugh...</p>
<p>Love it I do!</p><p>And yes, I do take it EVERYWHERE. I get so many compliments. I had one lady tell me that I should sell them and told her, but then mine wouldn't be original.... =)</p>
<p>So cool! </p><p>While reading this, quite involuntarily repeated "upcycled, it is" in a high-pitched, gurgly frog voice... I was. </p>
<p>Grateful I am for the kind words you said!</p>

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