Here's an easy way to use an old, ripped pair of pants to make a drawstring bag for your yoga mat.

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1 pair unwanted pants

Sewing machine
several straight pins
1 safety pin

Estimated time: 1 hour

Step 1: Assess Your Pants

Are the legs wide enough for your yoga mat? Long enough with some extra space for seams? It's important to verify this before we go any further.
<p>I just made this yesterday with a few mods. I used a pair of mens cargo pants, so had to put the drawstring above the pocket instead of using the bottom hem folded over. I also sewed the strap with the drawstring ends to the pants (below the drawstring casing) because i have a really heavy mat and needed the extra security. The mens pants I used were xtra baggy so it's long and wide enough to fit my Manduka Pro mat and my yoga towel! Thanks for the great pattern! </p>
FANTASTIC! I have just completed the bag! My very first sewing project actually =) Thanks so muuch for the simple instructions and novel idea!
Something I learned from my Mother, who grew up in the depression, is that you can use old pants to make bags for holding a lot of things. You just cut a leg off, turn it inside out, sew the frayed end shut, then turn it right side out again. That way you end up with a nice storage bag of strong material.
genius! i really need this!
wow...I'm loving this. Good work
Very nice! Creative solution!

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