Picture of Yoga Mat Bag from Old Pants
Here's an easy way to use an old, ripped pair of pants to make a drawstring bag for your yoga mat.

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1 pair unwanted pants

Sewing machine
several straight pins
1 safety pin

Estimated time: 1 hour
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Step 1: Assess your pants

Picture of Assess your pants
Are the legs wide enough for your yoga mat? Long enough with some extra space for seams? It's important to verify this before we go any further.

Step 2: Cut the tube and straighten it

Picture of Cut the tube and straighten it
Even straight-leg pants have some change in shape along their length, so turn the leg inside-out and pin and sew the flared part(s) to make a straight tube. Cut off the excess fabric leaving a reasonable seam allowance (1/4 to 1/12 inch).

Step 3: Create a strap

Picture of Create a strap
This bag's main purpose is to allow you to carry your mat on your shoulder, so a strap is essential. Cut a length of fabric from the as-of-yet unused leg of the pants to match the length of your tube, and fold it over in a manner that hides the fray-able edges. Sew.

Step 4: Sew the bottom seam

Picture of Sew the bottom seam
We're going to create a pleat at the bottom that will make a less boxy shape at the end of the bag. with the tube still inside-out, fold the edges in on themselves like in the picture, and sandwich one end of the strap into the bottom seam (with the long side inside the main tube). Pin and sew (you may want to sew several times for reinforcement).
SSShayne made it!1 year ago

I just made this yesterday with a few mods. I used a pair of mens cargo pants, so had to put the drawstring above the pocket instead of using the bottom hem folded over. I also sewed the strap with the drawstring ends to the pants (below the drawstring casing) because i have a really heavy mat and needed the extra security. The mens pants I used were xtra baggy so it's long and wide enough to fit my Manduka Pro mat and my yoga towel! Thanks for the great pattern!

peanut_head5 years ago
FANTASTIC! I have just completed the bag! My very first sewing project actually =) Thanks so muuch for the simple instructions and novel idea!
thepelton6 years ago
Something I learned from my Mother, who grew up in the depression, is that you can use old pants to make bags for holding a lot of things. You just cut a leg off, turn it inside out, sew the frayed end shut, then turn it right side out again. That way you end up with a nice storage bag of strong material.
AudSauce6 years ago
genius! i really need this!
wow...I'm loving this. Good work
Doctor What6 years ago
Very nice! Creative solution!