Picture of Yogurt Container - Vase

Remember when you have all these useless yogurt containers lying around at home?

Well not anymore! With just a little bit of wrapping paper, glue and varnish, turn it into a retro looking flower vase!

You can convert these containers into not just vases, they can become:

1st aid boxes

Planters for herbs (smaller yogurt containers)

Cutlery holder

Toiletries Holder etc

Materials needed :

Wrapping Paper

Empty Yogurt Container

Scissors Fevicol / Mod Podge

Emery Paper (Sanding Paper)

Varnish and Brush

Squeegee (wiper or credit card can also be used)

Step 1: Removing the sticker

Picture of Removing the sticker

Remove the sticker from your yogurt container.

You can either remove the sticker by soaking it in soapy water, or you can use a sanding paper to scratch it off (in case of a vinyl print sticker like this one, it did not come off with water).


That looks so cute! It looks like a little bucket!