Step 11: Yoshi Head (Eyes, Cheeks, and Nose)

The rest was hand sewn on, this includes the white cheeks over top of the green, the eyes with their pupils and highlights, and finally the nose.

For the nose, use an oversized baseball pattern, just cut an opening on one of the narrow parts of fabric leaving enough loose material to attach it to the head.  Make sure there is a good layer of batting then stuff the nose with filler.  The nostrils are black felts (as are the eye pupils).

Which pretty much finished the yoshi head build.  I did end up putting some foam padding inside the helmet area to get a little tighter and more comfortable fit for my son.

I also thought about adding a white screen mesh in front of my sons face... but I like it with his face being there. :)

Hello my Lil girl really want to be Yoshi she is 6 would you make one for her I will pay you.I live in Minnesota let me know thanks..
Sorry, I just don't have the time make another costume.
My kids love Mario characters and your templates helped me to make the blue yoshi. My son "needed" to be blue yoshi. My daughter wanted to be daisy.
How did I miss this comment? Sorry for the delay, but awesome job!
YOSHI YOSHI YOSHI YOSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <br>p.s Mario is cool too
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Epic-Mario-Costume/">&nbsp;&nbsp; https://www.instructables.com/id/Epic-Mario-Costume/</a>Cool! Voting for yours... See mine here...&nbsp;<br> Remember to comment and vote!
My 10 year old wants to be Yoshi this year, and I think your tutorial will help me along just nicely. Thank you.<br>
ca i buy one from you for a toddler of 2t ??? pleasssseeeeee.
Just had to stop and say wow! We (my two boys and I) are very impressed and considering using your ideas. Thanks and again, Wow! <br>
Not only is this a great instructable the kids are sooo cute!
How can that little kid support Yoshis face?.....
Yes, it was a little top heavy for him :( He was a trooper and it would come off between houses.
Haha. Well that's awesome that he stuck with it.
I love the size of Yoshi's head!
so cute!<br>I loved it.
lol this costume makes me laugh it's so cute!! 8D i like what u've done with the baskets btw :)
These are amazing!!! You have some very lucky kids!
Yoshi is so cool!&nbsp; I would make me one of these but I have already decided to be a pinata.<br />
&nbsp;Mabey Bowser next year? &nbsp;Btw, I love the Mega Man costume!
Seconded! Baby Bowser is awesome. :&nbsp;)<br />
I want to be Yoshi! to bad im not a toddler, lol.
I'm so impressed by your foam shaping skills and engineering. You have opened up a world of foam for me in future creative projects!&nbsp;
you are AMAZING!!!! wow!<br />
Wow, so in depth! Great job<br />
Exceptional work!<br />
Brilliant. Your kids are my new heroes!&nbsp; I would do this as a teenager...Hmm... a 2.1m tall Yoshi running around... I&nbsp;hope you win the costume contest! Great 'Ible!<br />
&nbsp;Thats sooooo cool! once i made a yoshi costume too but it works soooo much better for toddlers because of their small size! You did a great job with the foam head!&nbsp;
Very nice! The Mario hat was very helpful, as I'm going as Mario to a Halloween party on the 31st.<br />
&nbsp;These costumes are amazing! I wish you were my parent. . . .&nbsp;
:O<br /> I&nbsp;absolutely LOVE&nbsp;those costumes!<br /> They are absolutely amazing, and the baskets are a great addition to them!&nbsp;

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