You & Me - bronze statuettes

Picture of You & Me - bronze statuettes
Let us make something special for your dearest: A pair of cute and totally unique figurines for yourself and your sweetheart, personalized with your own initials.

In this instructable, I will show you how to create a pair of personalized »You & Me« bronze statuettes.

I created the sculpture »You & Me« from the »Scrappies« figurine family. It represents love, affection and mutual commitment - emotions that everyone values and never lose their significance.

The »Scrappies« are inspired by everything you can find in a scrapyard: old nuts and bolts, tin cans, pipes, coils, parts of ball bearings, but they are actually manufactured in a totally different, novel »3D printing« process.

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Step 1: Prerequisites

Picture of Prerequisites
Here is what you need: With the above programs, you can design and 3D print anything you want. I will show you how to create a personalized version of the »You & Me« statuettes with your own initials.

Designing a 3D model can be a complex and time-consuming task and a description of the entire process would be too much for a single instructable. Therefore, I have prepared a low-poly version of the »You & Me« statuettes and made it available for download. This can give you a head-start on 3D modelling and for access to the 3D files, I am only asking that you

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alexus13251 year ago
Awww! Great video!
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