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You Tube View Booster

How to Boost You Tube video views. Using Chrome Extensions. This will probably get you caught and kicked from you tube. This is for informational purposes only.

What does this do?

Using auto refresh and other Chrome Extensions you can dramatically increase your YouTube views.

Step 1: Get the Goods

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Step 2:

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Configure Auto Refresh Plus to refresh every 12 seconds. This allow the tracking information that YouTube uses to load.

Step 3:

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I got stopped at 37 views in Chrome regular mode. So use Ultimate User Agent Switcher and set to "Kindle". This got me the best results.

Using a SEPARATE CHROME WINDOW load your videos url.

Hit Start on Auto Refresh Plus. Enjoy the views.


WickedGamerH (author)2015-09-02

Nice app! it looks cool

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