You Gotta See the Seceret to Staying Fit While Being Lazy!


Introduction: You Gotta See the Seceret to Staying Fit While Being Lazy!

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Hello, this is my Instructable on how to stay fit and (get this) lazy! It took the worlds top Lazologists to come up with formula.... And i have the secret..........The but the real secret is that you must click "Next Step" to find out!

Step 1: Secret #1 : You Snooze You Win!!

Have you ever thought like staying in you bed an hour longer? Well think no more, because the National Sleep Foundation ( recommends that most adults should get 7-9 hours. But here's the catch, most of us barely get 7 hours, so HIT THAT SNOOZE BUTTON. It also limits your calories by limiting the amount of  hours that your awake.

Step 2: Secret #2 : Brush Away the Pain While You Brush Your Teeth

Although They recommend us to stretch before/ and after we go to bed. But who really does it ? Thats why we've decided  to stretch while you brush your teeth! it makes you not only warm up your muscles and abs (by the way: everyone has abs!) its make you brush your teeth even longer! So now you can attack two birds with one stone.!

Step 3: Secret # 3: Eat, and Drink Away the Fat!

Eat at least an hour after you wake up, but at least start off your day with at least 5 grams of protein,to jump start your day.  And always keep water around. But drink at the least 16 cups/ 3 ounces of water  to help cleanse your body.

Step 4: Secret #4 : Have Fun!

Smile and have fun! Laughing reduces stress (Which is a big factor in sustaining a healthy lifestyle) and it makes you feel healthier and you even sculpt your abs! (everyone has them!) Even if its a fake smile it changes your mood. See try it! I bet that you feel happier even if your not happy at all! So just don't forget to laugh sometime! That the most important secret of them all is to have fun!



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