Mykhailo's L96





Introduction: Mykhailo's L96

Yaaaaaaaaaay!!! It is the L96! This is the instructable for the L96. Forum topic can be found in the Innovative Knex Guns group. If you ever want to know what I am up to, you can find it there. I hope you will enjoy this gun, as it is very powerful. The bands used in this gun are: #64 (thick), #16 (thin), and 7 1/2" (yellow). All these bands can be found at staples. As explained in the forum, the stock (step 1) is pretty versatile, it can be hollow, solid, or even in a different shape, like an M24. You do not need the fake barrel, and it does not need strengthened rods, the only reason I used strengthened rods is so that it looks more realistic. The scope is also for aesthetics, meaning that you probably won't need it, but it looks frikin' awesome.

This instructable will be written in a different format than my previous instructables. Meaning, instead of saying "pic 1: blah pic 2: blah", it will have notes on the pictures, so follow the notes.

Step 1: Stock

This is pretty versatile, meaning it can be almost any shape. It also doesn't have to be solid like mine, it could be hollow, though I suggest that the edges be solid.

Step 2: The Barrel and Ram

This is the business end of the rifle, consisting of the ram and barrel.



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    wow thats a nice gun. but can you post another picture of the gun?

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    Unfortunately not, as I disassembled the rifle a little under two years ago.

    you have a lot of long strengthened black rods, i only have one, and the tan ones that are the same size as red ones: i have 5 or 6 of those. where did you get that many black rods?

    6 replies

    Official knex website. You can order individual pieces or packages off the site, but not if you live in some countries. Don't remember which countries they don't ship to; if they don't ship to your country, try ebay.

    yeah i know, but the ones on are over $1!!!!! if you want to buy in bulk like i do, that's not the way to go. can you think of anything better?

    I got them for .15 each. Don't know if they raised the prices. Try ebay or a wholesaler.

    .15 !!!!!!!!!!! whered you buy those?!?! the ones on are over one dollar for only one of them! what is wholesaler?

    On!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, as in "Don't know if they raised the prices." A wholesaler. The place where retail stores get their stuff. Would have to buy sets, and a lot of them, but it'd be cheaper than buying from a retailer. IE- One tub for $20, or one hundred for $10 each.

    i know what a whole saler and a retailer is, i thought you meant it was a website to buy stuff off of...


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    could u make a smaller less piece l96 cause i luv dis gun

    'Tis not mine. I'm not 18 yet, and I don't have a spare few thousand to buy a military grade sniper rifle.

    omg its all lies all of (tis) is lies kill him because hes 18 and he spared a few thousand to buy a military grade sniper rifle!!
    ==kill him==

    Who is "Him"? "'Tis" means "It is."

    My sister is 18, should I


    her as well?