Introduction: YouTube Your Pinterest Pins With YouTubeify

This instructable is for Pinterest users who would like to make a YouTube slideshow directly from their Pinterest Board. With youTubeify there is no need to upload or download Pin images, no need for a YouTube channel (we publish directly to, no video editing or audio editing software is needed and there is more than 50 different slide show styles to choose from. Pins can be chosen either in groups or one at a time in ANY order you like. Click the image above to see a completed demo on YouTube. To get the youTubeify button please Register on and then click Install

To do a step by step version you may want to try the "Describe Dissolve" YouTube style shown in HowTo Surf - Step by Step. Each Pin image is preceded by it's Pin description. Great for instructables, travelogues, HowTos and story telling. Got an idea for a new style yourself? Let us know by email

Step 1: Pick a Pinterest Board to YouTube (after Install of the YouTubeify App From Https://

Step 2: Click the YouTubeify Button on the Pinterest Board

Step 3: Optional: Click "add Pins" to Add Pins to Choose From. Click the "youTubeify" Link to Continue.

Step 4: Optional: Choose the Number of Pins You Want in Your YouTube by Clicking the "Count" Selector (8 Is Default)

Step 5: Choose Your Pins. Either in a Group With a Mouseover

Step 6: Or Individually by Clicking Each Pin Checkbox

Step 7: Optional: Choose Your Styles. Choose Video Style by Clicking "Select Slide Style". (Default Is Random)

Step 8: Optional: Choose the Music You Want by Clicking the "Audio" Selector (Jazz Is Default)

Step 9: Click Any Image With a YouTube Logo

Step 10: Click the YouTubeit Button to Finish (Optional: Change/add Your Own Title)

Step 11: You Are Done!!! Once Your YouTube Video Is Ready an Email Will Be Sent to You!


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-06-25

Cool. This looks like a great way to collect and organize video clips.

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Bio: YouTube your Pins with youTubeify! Pinterest users can use the Pinterest YouTube slide show maker to create a YouTube video directly from their Pinterest board ... More »
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