Introduction: You’ll Love This DIY Laundry Table, Just $85

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This DIY Laundry Table transformed our laundry room into a functional and beautiful space. There is a serious flaw in the design of washing machines and dryers. I am not claiming I know how to fix this flaw. But one day, someone will figure it out. Until then, we will have to handle it ourselves. What’s the flaw? It’s that huge, laundry-eating, eyesore of a gap behind the machines. It’s an 8-inch deep abyss at my house and it taunted me every time I walked by.

I mean who could ignore this? It gobbled up laundry, pens, and toys left on top of the machine. It gathered dust and daily reminded me of the plumbing and outlets that ruined my attempts at making the laundry room the cute and cozy room I dreamed of. It took me 3 years to find the time, but I had to do something about that gap. Last year, I started work on a laundry room makeover. I painted the cabinets, replaced the counter tops, and converted a section of cabinets into a mudroom. The gap behind the machines was the last big step in the makeover.

Step 1: Building the Table

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Everyone's machines and gaps on the sides of the machines will be a bit different. So, I wrote up detailed instructions about how I built my table, but you will need to base the measurements on your room.

I designed my tabletop to sit just an inch above the machines. And I also made sure it was just small enough to be easily carried out the door to the garage, when necessary.

The tabletop has a bit of a Farmhouse construction style, with a 1"x6" board across the back to keep things from falling behind the machines. I have the older Ryobi style, but this circular saw works like a champ after all these years.

Get the full build details by clicking here.

Step 2: The Finished Table

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Laundry tables are taller than a normal table. They can't be stabilized with a cross support under or behind the table, due to the machines. I added a 12" wide section of wood between the end legs to give it more style and to stabilize the legs.

Step 3: Why Build One?

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I love this table for so many reasons.

1. It hides the machines.

2. Gives the room a style piece.

3. Keeps everything from falling behind and between the machines.

4. Gives us a place to fold laundry.

5. Works as a dumping spot for keys and mail when we get home.

Step 4: Vintage Camper Succulent Garden

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Did you notice that succulent garden on our laundry table? See the instructable for it here.


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