Picture of How To Draw A Doggy!!
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13, 11:12 PM.jpg
For this project you'll need:

-markers, pencil, pen, crayons, etc.
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Step 1: Face

Picture of Face
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Draw two circles. One circle must be overlapping the other circle. These will become your doggy's cheeks later on.

Step 2: Eyes

Picture of Eyes
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13, 11:12 PM.jpg
Then add two oval-ish shapes above your circles. Inside the oval thingies, shade in part of the oval thingies to make eyes!

Step 3: Nose And Finishing Eyes

Picture of Nose And Finishing Eyes
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Next, completely shade in the intersection between the two circles to make the nose.

TIP: For a shorter, rounder nose, make the circles rounder and make them closer together. For a longer, skinnier nose, make the circle longer and farther apart.

Make the whiskers right out of the two circles. Don't make them too long, or your doggy will look like a kitty!

Step 4: Whiskers And Head

Picture of Whiskers And Head
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Next add the head and the ears. Your ears' shape will vary, depending on what kind of doggy you are making. I'm making a Golden Retreiver!

Step 5: Coloring

Picture of Coloring
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Finally, you can add a tongue and you can color your doggy.

Step 6: Optional

If you want, you can add accessories such as:

-A bow
-A collar/leash
-an owner
-another doggy
-a hat
-a hairpiece

Step 7:

Picture of
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My first post so...
1Dgirl1 year ago
omg I have always been trying new ways to draw things but that's like superb way I gonna show all my friends tnx u cool especially because it was your first go at it!