Introduction: Young Engineers Project Categories

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This Instructable is an attempt at categorizing the Young Engineers project plans to help instructors decide which lesson is suitable for their class. Project plans are subdivided into appropriate grade ranges on the next page, and on the pages that follow they are grouped by type (cars, structures, etc).

For a master list of materials, check out Each project page also has it's own list of materials.

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Step 1: By Age Group

Step 2: Cars

Picture of Cars

Step 3: Flight

Picture of Flight

Step 4: Projectile Launchers

Picture of Projectile Launchers

Step 5: Structures

Picture of Structures

Step 6: Contraptions

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PersonaD (author)2017-09-20

Thank you so much for sharing your projects.. Looking forward to make these in class.. :D

achmad_dj (author)2017-07-11

You are really inspiring..

lovely.shaikh.313 (author)2014-09-26

its very interesting i like ur work its absilute exellent ideas

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