Introduction: Your Eternal Reward Boffer

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Do you like TF2? do you enjoy stabbing people in the back? if so this knife is for you. Although it won't let you disguise as the person you stab, it does provide a non harmful alternative to using a kitchen knife. (Disclaimer : This 'ible uses a knife. don't kill yourself. I refuse to take responsibility if you do.) LEt the fun begin

Step 1: Materials

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 A small knife ( not pictured)
 A 1 foot piece of pipe
10" of pipe insulation (pre sealed)
 silver and yellow duct tape
 blue or red duct tape
 A chunk of camping pad

Step 2: Adding the Blade

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cut an 8" segment of foam out of the over all length. slide it down the pipe until about 5" of pipe is showing( adjust for hand size). cut so that it has a point like the one from the game. use the liink provided

Step 3: Cover the Blade

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cover the blade in duct tape.

Step 4: Creating the Handle

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cut the remaining two inches of foam into one inch pieces and slide them onto each side of the handle. use the knife to cut them to taper into the handle. cover in either the red or the blue duct tape,

Step 5: Creating the Guard

Picture of Creating the Guard

cut the  piece of foam into these shapes. for an idea of how big they should be look at the other picture. use the yellow duct tape  to attach them to the knife and to cover them. cut 2 strips and run them between each side of the handles between  the cross-guards.

Step 6: Draw the Markings

Picture of Draw the Markings

copy the markings off my knife or off the aforementioned link.

Step 7: That's All Folks.

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that's it. you've finished. now go stab some people. since this is a boffer it is in fact soft meaning it shouldn't hurt. if it does, you're stabbing to hard. have fun with your eternal reward.


thing 2 (author)2012-05-22

Aha! I didn't get this until I started playing TF2 two months ago! xD

Do you have a steam account?

uberplatypus (author)thing 22012-08-07

Well, I'm responding to this a little late (sorry about that), but yes. I do.

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