Your Favorite K'nex Weapons of 2008





Introduction: Your Favorite K'nex Weapons of 2008

These are the designs that you voted for in the forum Top 3 K'nex Weapons Of 2008.

The vote count.

IAC's Heavy Cannon x10
DSman195276's DD-27 x8
Mepain's Knexsayer x4
SR-v2 x3
The Jamalams Storm 223 x2
Beast Pistol x2
Viccie's Sipriani Rifle x2
Viccie1993's H.A.W.C
TheDunkis UZI
Darth trainman's X985 vivisector
DJ-radios AR-4 Commando v2
Bakenbitz's Lancer
Walther PPK
Benfoxgs Sniper
Trauts MP5
Trauts Thompson



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Oh and maybe you know this: What does KI stand for?

It stands for Knex Innovation.

doesnt knex innovation suck?isnt that the fake site?

There's nothing wrong with it, I might make an account.

well i visited it and it looks very fake=[
sorry but i just dont like it

What do you mean by fake?

I personaly can't reach the site

well it has not got a back ground and the links are just red things.
look at instructables, here are cool links to other guns with pictures, and there are categorys and KI looks so...boring because the background is only white...
im just saying that i dont like it, i dont do i say that?forbid?well i dont "forbid" you to go on the site but i think it is boring =]

It was made by some k'nexer's from this site, they aren't programming experts.