These are the designs that you voted for in the forum Top 3 K'nex Weapons Of 2008.

The vote count.

IAC's Heavy Cannon x10
DSman195276's DD-27 x8
Mepain's Knexsayer x4
SR-v2 x3
The Jamalams Storm 223 x2
Beast Pistol x2
Viccie's Sipriani Rifle x2
Viccie1993's H.A.W.C
TheDunkis UZI
Darth trainman's X985 vivisector
DJ-radios AR-4 Commando v2
Bakenbitz's Lancer
Walther PPK
Benfoxgs Sniper
Trauts MP5
Trauts Thompson
Oh and maybe you know this: What does KI stand for?
It stands for <em>Knex Innovation</em>.<br/>
doesnt knex innovation suck?isnt that the fake site?
There's nothing wrong with it, I might make an account.
well i visited it and it looks very fake=[<br/>sorry but i just dont like it<br/>
What do you mean by fake?
<p>I personaly can't reach the site</p>
well it has not got a back ground and the links are just red things.<br/>look at instructables, here are cool links to other guns with pictures, and there are categorys and KI looks so...boring because the background is only white...<br/>im just saying that i dont like it, i dont uhm...how do i say that?forbid?well i dont &quot;forbid&quot; you to go on the site but i think it is boring =]<br/>
It was made by some k'nexer's from this site, they aren't programming experts.
ok then =]<br/>i also don like it XD<br/>
Watch the video from Pandemonium on there, it is a knex battle between several people that KILLERK posted, everyone had BR-18's.
Killerk didn't post that video, Knex_pls did. &nbsp;Ooda and Mepain were using other guns, I saw mepain use the rectangle and the Killerk pistol, and I saw ooda use Rising sun and ZKAR.<br />
I didn't know they knew eachother in real. =P
I'm surprised this was caught now.<br />
that sounds awesome!!!can you send me a link?=]<br/>
Just search for it on www.knexinnovation.net
i cant find it ;'(
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WI34ra9sRFY&amp;feature=player_embedded#! thats the url
Look for knex_pls's youtube account.<br />
ok thank you!=D
Odd, it was on their main page a while ago.
ahhh NOOOOOO!!!i wanted to see it so bad-.-
i will surely do that!!
Like a poser site.
Yes to both questions.
NOO0oO0o000oo0O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you told him!
Yeah right, like I'm gonna abandon my Ibles page. Screw everyone who moved to KI, we stay here, right?!
KI sucks anyway. I hate the layout, and because of the damn photobucket load, I couldn't build a damn thing. Who, exactly moved to KI? Mepain, Crestind, Jollex(?) and who else? Can they not see that instructables is a better website? If only there was an instructables for just knex. But not Knexables!
Full time members (people who don't or VERY rarely use 'ibles):<br /> Crestind&nbsp;<br /> Mepain<br /> Oodalumps<br /> KillerK<br /> S0lekill3r<br /> <br /> There is no denying that KI has way better guns though, since it is moderated: any gun that does not meet the high standards of the site will be deleted.<br /> <br />
The standards aren't really that high, if it was good back in 2008, and the builder is new, it's still acceptable.<br />
Still, at least nothing like<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Cool-knex-gun/" rel="nofollow"> this</a> gets on. Note that this was posted on the 3rd of November 09!
yeah that last point is very true...<br /> <br /> but if i cant get to grips with the layout, and the system what point is there in being a member ?<br />
It is annoying I admit, but it only takes a second to work it out
hehe<br /> <br /> i must be real stupid then ;D<br /> <br /> nah, i just got used to ibles, and wont leave it.<br />
OK, but if you want some good guns just look at S0lekill3r's YouTube page, it has some AMAZING stuff on there (most of which can be found on KI)
I think Darth Gecko Man went along with jollex. :(
I find that tragic.
Yeah, i really liked his builds. And he was one of my buddies here. :S
he has turned to... the dark side...of knex.... Well, I guess that was inevitable anyways.
Yo, you got msn? Still up for the KI bash podcast?
Yo, get a skype, and we will do it. And its not a KI bash podcast.
wow that's not cliche
Yeah, eventually.. Except us, hehe! :P
dude, that was a reference to his name, which has the word "darth" in it.
Oh sorry, didn't catch that.. I'm bad at those things, i can't recognize them, but thats probably due to the language difference. :P
oh yeah.

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