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Introduction: Your Hogwarts House Logo

About: hey! my name is bell and thats my profile. i like to make all kind of crafts to hear music and read books (im a big fan of:harry potter, percy jackson, hunger games and divergent) !im a proud slytherin! fee...

a fun decoration for your room as a harry potter fan!!!!

Im a Slytherin so ill do the Slytherin logo but you can do whatever house you belong to.

its a super easy craft which is super cute as well.

Step 1: Youll Need:

some cardboard

acrylic paints (or any other paints) in the colors of your house and also black paint

(griffindore: red and gold, ravenclaw: blue and bronze, hufflpuff: black and yellow, Slytherin: green and silver.)

and a silhouette of the animal of your house.

Step 2: Painting!!!

take your cardboard and start drawing the shape of your house logo

then paint it in your house color

Step 3: Adding the House Animal

print a silhouette of your animal and put it on your painted house shape

success!!! you made a house logo of your own hogwarts house



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