A couple of weeks ago Make.com held their 10th ever Maker Faire (and 5th for Bay Area), a gigantic weekend event where commercial builders, crafters and DIY enthusiasts come from around the world to showcase their amazing work. Now, I've been a Maker Exhibitor for three years now, huge fan, and I just wanted to share a simple first hand guide at how simple it is to participate.  So for anyone who's ever been interested in participating in the Maker Faire, here's my own general guide. 

Step 1: Join the Mailing List/ Have an Idea

If you really are serious about attending the Maker Faire, it is absolutely crucial you join their online update Mailing List.  It usually goes up January, so do it now. [1]

It all stars with this, what do you want to present? Whether you are a commercial builder distributing a line of plush reversible hats, or you’re a public representative of a robot builders group, you need to know what the underlying theme is of your potential booth. Don’t be concerned about what others might enjoy, just what hobbies/ interests do you have specifically have that you want to show off?

As described on the official MF application form "Participants can be individuals as well as from groups such as hobbyist clubs, schools and organizations."  In my case, for instance, I instantly knew what I wanted to showcase as early as my first Maker Faire audition- PIXAR builds. Even though I don’t work for the company, I’ve been a huge fan of all of their films and have consequently built a ton of DIY related projects based on them in my free time. Thus was born DIY PIXAR.

Awesome! Are you going to the Detroit Maker's Fair?
Sadly no, I'll be in California during the time. But I wish all all of the Makers and attendees good luck!
Yay Pixar!! -Wait! Cooperative testing is not mandatory at Pixa-(*Dies from excess neurotoxin&nbsp;inhalation*)<br> <br> <em><sup><strong>D</strong><sub>o</sub></sup></em>&nbsp; <em>n<strong><sup>o</sup></strong></em><em><sup>t </sup>&nbsp;mi<sub>n</sub><sup>d&nbsp;</sup> <strong>hi<sub>m</sub></strong></em><strong>.</strong><em> &nbsp;<strong><sup>C</sup>o</strong><strong><sub>n</sub></strong><sup>t</sup><sub>in</sub>u<sub>e</sub> <strong>t<sub>e</sub>s<sub>t</sub></strong></em><strong>i</strong><em>n<sub>g...</sub></em><br> <br>
<p>Although I'm three years late, I wanted to thank you for this post. I just participated in my first Maker Faire this weekend. I found your Instructables to be quite helpful at knowing what to expect and being prepared. Thank you!</p>

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