Step 7: The Faire!

Finally, after months and months of planning, it's finally here- the date of the Maker Faire! These are a few of my own key reminders and tips for managing a booth and enjoying the faire as well:
  • Come As Early As Possible (at least by 8:00, seriously)
  • Get your booth ready by Opening (10:00)
  • Have food prepared (so you don't have to make routine trips to 30 minute long lines)
  • Keep your projects behind your desk (or at least away from anyone who might grab or steal anything)
  • If Indoors, especially in the Fiesta Hall, take at least a 1 hour break every two hours (the Tesla Coils....great fun but extremely mind inducing)
Additionally, give yourself sometime to enjoy the Faire itself!  I particularly enjoy the outside area Steampunk Village, as well as the secluded but intriguing 3D stage (right outside Fiesta Hall), and the Center Stage Auditorium is worth a visit with the Maker Faire's own Ted Talks.

Oh, and theR2 D2 Builders are always a must.
Awesome! Are you going to the Detroit Maker's Fair?
Sadly no, I'll be in California during the time. But I wish all all of the Makers and attendees good luck!
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<p>Although I'm three years late, I wanted to thank you for this post. I just participated in my first Maker Faire this weekend. I found your Instructables to be quite helpful at knowing what to expect and being prepared. Thank you!</p>

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