Your Own Step by Step TF2 Sniper Rifle




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Introduction: Your Own Step by Step TF2 Sniper Rifle

I'm a huge TF2, like everybody else :P

Thereby I made this video showing you people how to build your own TF2 Sniper Rifle....

note: This is not an instruction video, its an photo slide showing my process......
I'm willing to answer questions quickly and detailedly

or just mail me...



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    Nah make a replica of of the strange bargain or the Sydney Sleeper

    How much would you charge for one of these?

    Hey, mooi geweer maar hoe lang heb je de kolf gemaakt?

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    mpff... das een goeie :P

    hij is volgens mij een meter, met een marge van 15 cm afwijking

    When I saw all the slots in the stock near the beginning I was afraid you were about to make it a working gun! That would be kind of scary... Like the idea of the motors though.

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    Well at first that was the idea :p But i decided to make a replica gun with light, vibrating motor and working lase and scope, instead of focusing on the shooting mech... A little bit to complicated :p

    And depending on where you live maybe illegal...

    well with a working gun I mean a bb-gun.....
    a real gun will be far out of mine reach

    btw I live in Holland