Introduction: Your Own ITunes Controls

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So I used to always have my mini itunes window open in the corner but after a while it got annoying.
So I opened ScriptEditor and wrote a script to control itunes more easily.

Step 1: First Open ScriptEditor and Write !

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Use Sportlight (see pictures) to find Script Editor.

Open it and copy and paste this into it : (This is my first script that ive ever written so i hope everything's fine - It works for me haha)

display dialog "What do you want ?" buttons {"Pause/Play", "Change Song"} default button 2if the button returned of the result is "Pause/Play" then
 tell application "iTunes" playpause
 end tellelse
 display dialog "Forward or Back ?" buttons {"Next Song", "Back"} default button 1 if the button returned of the result is "Next Song" then
  tell application "iTunes" next track
  end tell else
  tell application "iTunes" previous track
  end tell end if
end if

Now you need to save it. For this go to the next step.

Step 2: Save...

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Now to save your script...
Name it whatever and make sure to save it as an application - and remember where you save it to !
Now you can drag it into your dock and use it whenever !

If you want to change the icon, go here (link to my other intucatable about this - coming soon !)

Step 3: Be Proud and Show Off Your New ITunes Controls.

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Enjoy !!!
If you guys could improve or change it in any way, I'd love to see ! :)


KenW5 (author)2016-10-11

Nice job!

Please check out my applescript prank.

Thank you!

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