where did you score a paint ball gun?
go to a local shop, don't buy off the internet unless your buying something simple like a hopper or something.
Correction, only buy stuff off of the Internet on trusted (and highly used, with few problems) sites. I bought my first setup on ANSGear (bad idea for me though, I'm Canadian, underestimated the shipping). The TechPB (www.techpb.com) BST is one of the safest on the web, if you get ripped off, well, read up on it there. <br> <br>Although it is a good idea to support local shops...
o.. thanks for pointing that out... I dont have ANY shops less than an hour away from where I live... same thing with playing fields... it sucks.. lol
guess it depends where you live... some countries i think their illegal. in the US you can 98s at most walmarts... i would recomend ANSgear.com though... <br>
Why, and I say why, did you get a double trigger for a 98?<br><br>It's useless, the 98 has too stiff a trigger to warrant a double trigger. And I don't know why you bought a 14&quot; barrel. Those are just money wasters.<br><br>It's not the best thing to show a new player who doesn't want to spend that much as they are trying it out. They will just be convinced they need to buy all that useless junk. <br><br>Everything else is decent.<br>
Why not a double trigger, he knows he won't be walking it, but it allows for more leverage with the middle finger instead of the top one. Also it has been proven that a 14&quot; barrel is the most efficient barrel you can have, any longer and the pressure behind the paintball is too low and the paintball starts to slow down, any shorter and the velocity has to be turned up to get the same fps which means you are actually wasting more gas in the process, you say you play paintball, but that doesn't mean you know anything about how it really works. Next time get some facts straight before you go around dissing other peoples Instructables. Thank You
No, maybe you're right about the two-finger trigger, but the point is you don't need it.<br><br>Barrel length only has an effect on barrel length, nothing else, look up PunkWorks, ask them about it. <br><br>Again, my point is that he does not need that useless junk.<br><br>(and even if it effects efficiency, it would be miniscule, so there would be no reason to get it.)
Well, I'll agree with you on the fact that beginners don't need these things. They don't need to spend money on this, but instead on paintballs and field fees. <br> <br>But he never says to get a double trigger or a longer barrel, he simply shows them in the picture and puts a box saying what it is. Back to the barrel, it is not minuscule, have you ever put a 6 inch barrel on a gun, shot it for a while and then upgrade/switch to a longer barrel say 12 or 14 inches long? The gun will noticeably shoot faster. Which means you can turn your velocity down, this falls along the same lines as losing efficiency when using a cyclone, you can get 800 or so shots off before and now you can only get 600-700 out of your 20 oz. my friend probably only gets 500 shots out of a 20 oz. with his A5 with cyclone. Some people will say the cyclone doesn't change your gas usage that much but it does. I play with two people, same guns one with cyclone one without. Same velocity and the one with cyclone has to change his tank about 200 shots earlier than the other.
I see your point on the double trigger.<br><br>But, I need to see some physics on if a barrel is longer. Think about it. A longer barrel will have no effect whatsoever on velocity. All of the velocity changes happen at the bolt.The air hits the paintball. If it's overbored, the air will almost immediately go past the paintball. If it's underbored, the air will keep it going. But, but but but, once the paintball is hit by the air, the paintball will keep going the same speed, and only be slowed down by things such as air resistance, blah blah blah. Oh, you say the air will keep pushing the paintball in a longer barrel? No. If it's underbored (or paint to barrel matched), then the air will be slowed down by the original push.<br><br>Again, if you don't believe me, contact Punkworks.<br>The only part of the barrel that affects efficiency is the bore.<br>If you still don't believe me, get a few cases of paint. Then fill two tanks to the same level. Then do a test. I need proper evidence. And a video if you are going to do it. And use the same marker.<br><br>Also, if you use Co2... that means that if you take one barrel off, and put another on, and there is a change in temperature, your &quot;theory&quot; is flawed. You can't test efficiency with Co2.
do you know how to oil a spyder xtra ?
Yes oil the rear bolt, but dry firing really doesn't hurt the gun, but it doesn't help the oiling process either. Also take the knob in the back off, watch out there is a spring in there, and drop some oil in there, not too much and that will also get some oil into the trigger which is good.
all blowback guns are essentially the same, what I'd do is oil the rear bolt around the cocking knob, and then drop a little oil into the (empty) feedneck, then just pull the cocking knob back and forth to move the oil around (DO NOT DRY FIRE THE GUN) and you should be good
Hey i have a project salvo with a 11 inch barrel,red dot and lazer.<br>I want it to shoot more accurate!What should i do?Buying another barrel?Please help me!!!
All of these will only slightly make your gun more accurate, but yes, the barrel is the single biggest thing you can do for accuracy, it isn't the length of the barrel so much but the quality, length mostly has to do with sounds signature and gas efficiency. My recommendation for a cheap upgrade would be the J&amp;J Ceramic, only $30-35 and it really works. Don't listen to anyone try and tell you that it is going to break because it is ceramic, they don't know anything. The barrel is made with an aluminum core, which is then coated in ceramic and Teflon, being almost as rugged as any other barrel you will get, other than your stock one which is overly thick anyway.
I agree with Molybdenum, and anyways, to make it shoot more accurately, clean your barrel as often as possible, and buy better paint, that's all you can do.
I hat to bring this up so late, but as cockerpunk once said:<br>&quot;The ultimate truth in paintball is that the interaction between the gun and the player is far and away the largest factor in accuracy, consistency, and reliability.&quot;
i hate to sound lame, but i am trying to convince my parents to let me do 26 hrs of paintball next august. any suggestions?<br>
I was just wondering, how long on average does a standard CO2 tank last?
they have to be re tested every 3 years but it you take care of it it will last forever
i think it's 5 years
<p>It all depends on the pressure and volume rating of the tank, Other variables may add up as well (such as the barrel length and such), but this is the most common.</p>
i like your ps2 lol
Great guide! Good combination of using both text and visual aides
Nice job :) Probably the only good paintball instructable.
im new 2 paintball so what guns do i want 2 buy?????? please help
What's your price range? Would you rather do airball, or woodsball?
is http://ultimatepaintball.com/New-09-Spyder-XTRA-Paintball-Gun/M/B0022190G0.htm a good gun for the $$$$
Spyder is a pretty well known name, i'm not fond of them but the package itself doesn't look too bad. Make sure your field fills co2, the one by me only fills hpa, and therefore it would be useless. However, if your field does fill it, you're good to go. Also go to pbnation, and surf the bst threads. You may find a good deal on a slightly used hpa tank, which overall will work better, and can be used with any of your future guns. Bottom Line: Good deal.
thanks didnt catch that befor need to geet a hpa tank<br>
I know this is like a year old but stay away from &quot;the nation&quot; just don't go there, go to techpb.com instead its better
cool looks like the halo odst smg
get a life it is sad you know what they look like no offence<br>
i just bought my 98 custom on ebay ffor $78 its only slightly used the seller has 99.6 positive feed back did i get a good deal?
yes and no, tippmanns are woodsball only, while you could have got a used GoG or a new Azodin for a similar price. Those guns are much lighter and they will work for speedball and woodsball.
98 custom pro, flatlined barrel, six point stock, electric hopper, scope offset, redot scope, remote hose, and nitro tank, oh yah, you can &quot;score&quot; a paintball gun at your local paintball shop, all that cost me 400 big ones brand new, almost every city has at least 1paintball shop, I lOVE PAINTBALL, definutly get involved
fastest way for me is to press the little button/switch by where the hopper feeds into the gun, make sure bolt is back, and run it through there<br><br>takes me 5 seconds flat
go with tippman if you want a good easy fun time paint balling. ether that or you will be that guy that sits out after the first game cause your gun sucks.
its a gun sock smart one and kids read this to dude
Barrel Sock, condom, cover, call it what you want it's the same thing. Who cares, if you're under 13, you're not even supposed to be on this site. I'm sure you are taught in school, what a condom is, anyway.
As much as I hate the picture he has, led zeppie is right, and its spelt too, smart one.
did you know that there are 3 oz refillable tanks :/
i just started to get in to paintball and i was wondering what would be a good gun for beginners (like as a first gun) i heard tippmann 98c and smart parts ion were good but i need more help
hey also depends on are you gona play speedball or woods ball. I play alot of woodsball so I bought a tippman a5 wth e-grip and a ak-74u body shroud along wth a folding stock. The mini would get you shootin bout 25-35 balls a sec. depending on the hopper and the electro board u have.
It all depends on your preference. Some people like a specific one over the other. But I would say a good starter marker would be a 98 or a A-5(although heavier than most, but it's cosmetically modifiable with shrouds, which are all optional if you decide to go for the look).
Agree with taz2020. The mini will run you about $299 which will put you in line for tournament ball as well as put some speed down if you're into woodsball. But along with the marker, you need a NO2 tank, a good hopper and some good goggles that will provide you with the field of vision you need. DON'T go skimpy on the goggles...you'll regret it. Your best bet if you can't afford right now is to save until you can get what you need. Trust me, if you can't be patient and buy something crappy, you'll spend more time off the field with a broken marker than on the field playing. SAVE your money and buy quality.
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://dyeprecision.com">http://dyeprecision.com</a>Ha you should just buy an invert mini theyre awsome guns unless your playing woodsball the best gun to get for that is probably the tippman 98 or x7.<br/>
It depends on how much money your willing to spend, but I recommend a smart parts vibe, as it is cheap, R2000 (about $200), and because it works with co2 quite nicely.
this is a really stupid question, but doesn't paintballing hurt? u said that it doesn't hurt a person @ 300 fps. just wondering, cuz a friend of mine is on a team, and he has HUGE bruises from it.

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