Your Step-by-step Guide to Creating Bacon-based Works of Art





Introduction: Your Step-by-step Guide to Creating Bacon-based Works of Art

This guide will take you through the production techniques towards reinventing your favourite works of art as an alternatively palatable painting.             

Step 1: Pick a Particularly Meaty Artwork

Begin by selecting the artwork that you wish to baconly appropriate. This Lucian Freud self portrait makes a useful starting point for its exaggerated, meaty flesh tones.

Step 2: Sculpt

Construct your chosen work of art using copper wire and streaky bacon.

Step 3: Paint

Render  in a medium of your choice. Edible paint might be a suitable adaptation here, however oils cant be beaten for a richness of bacon tone.

Step 4: Raise the Steaks

Once confident with your abilities, attempt a more complex composition. One such example is this classical "Portrait of Jane Hamilton" by Sir Joshua Reynolds which uses a 'Madonna and Child' arrangement.

Step 5: Upset Your Housemates

Infants make particularly effective bacon sculptures. This one uses a chicken wire base with a skin of unsalted bacon.

Step 6: Photograph

Arrange and photograph your sculpture in a well ventilated room.
You will need: A bin liner, grocery bag, disused velvet curtain, wire for hanging both characters from a nail. 

Step 7: Adorn With Decorative Side Dishes

To complete he composition, this thoroughbread dog drawn with a blow torch makes an excellent accompaniment to the focal dish, or try complimentary red cabbage in place of the curtain. 

Step 8: Paint Once More

Arrange your creation in a suitably mimetic composition of the original and once more render in a medium of your choice. Be sure to attach your painting to the door of the family fridge, both as a suitable exhibiting location and to stimulate a healthy and creative appetite.



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    Wonderfully macabre. Bacon is inspirational.

    I now can say bacon does not make everything better

    This is amazing. And creepy. And obviously time-consuming. And delicious.

    Wow. Thanks for sharing!

    uh....this be creepy, but it also makes me want to deep fryer...deep fried bacon baby anyone?

    Ugh. I am so busy being revolted by the images that I can't get to admiring the artistry bit. I'll never be able to look at bacon in the same way again.

    youve turned a bacon sandwich into artwork, inspiring

    How can the dog stand not eating the baby?

    Seriously.... that baby... nightmares... awesome, delicious, nightmares.

    Third degree burn baby. But clever...