Your Step-by-step Guide to Creating Bacon-based Works of Art





Introduction: Your Step-by-step Guide to Creating Bacon-based Works of Art

This guide will take you through the production techniques towards reinventing your favourite works of art as an alternatively palatable painting.             

Step 1: Pick a Particularly Meaty Artwork

Begin by selecting the artwork that you wish to baconly appropriate. This Lucian Freud self portrait makes a useful starting point for its exaggerated, meaty flesh tones.

Step 2: Sculpt

Construct your chosen work of art using copper wire and streaky bacon.

Step 3: Paint

Render  in a medium of your choice. Edible paint might be a suitable adaptation here, however oils cant be beaten for a richness of bacon tone.

Step 4: Raise the Steaks

Once confident with your abilities, attempt a more complex composition. One such example is this classical "Portrait of Jane Hamilton" by Sir Joshua Reynolds which uses a 'Madonna and Child' arrangement.

Step 5: Upset Your Housemates

Infants make particularly effective bacon sculptures. This one uses a chicken wire base with a skin of unsalted bacon.

Step 6: Photograph

Arrange and photograph your sculpture in a well ventilated room.
You will need: A bin liner, grocery bag, disused velvet curtain, wire for hanging both characters from a nail. 

Step 7: Adorn With Decorative Side Dishes

To complete he composition, this thoroughbread dog drawn with a blow torch makes an excellent accompaniment to the focal dish, or try complimentary red cabbage in place of the curtain. 

Step 8: Paint Once More

Arrange your creation in a suitably mimetic composition of the original and once more render in a medium of your choice. Be sure to attach your painting to the door of the family fridge, both as a suitable exhibiting location and to stimulate a healthy and creative appetite.



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    Wonderfully macabre. Bacon is inspirational.

    I now can say bacon does not make everything better

    This is amazing. And creepy. And obviously time-consuming. And delicious.

    Wow. Thanks for sharing!

    uh....this be creepy, but it also makes me want to deep fryer...deep fried bacon baby anyone?

    Ugh. I am so busy being revolted by the images that I can't get to admiring the artistry bit. I'll never be able to look at bacon in the same way again.

    youve turned a bacon sandwich into artwork, inspiring

    How can the dog stand not eating the baby?

    Seriously.... that baby... nightmares... awesome, delicious, nightmares.

    1 reply

    Third degree burn baby. But clever...

    So first you make the sculpture out of the meat, and then you photograph the sculpture and create a painting of the photograph? This is really something. It's too bad the sculptures themselves aren't sustainable. It's very creepy and lovely at the same time.

    3 replies

    Throwing it out there to Alexander Ross and scoochmaroo...... Do you guys think you could resin the sculpture and preserve it? Just a thought. I adore the process you are using Alexander Ross! I just wonder if you couldn't also preserve in someway the original sculpture, it would be sort of neat to see them all together (sculpture, photo, painting) in an exhibit.

    Thanks a lot, although the idea is that they do rot; i think the main reason that making a human being out of raw meat is so unsettling is that the sculpture is so close in its behaviour to the real thing.

    So in the way that the Jane Hamilton portrait is a lasting image of someone who is long dead, in a shorter time span, these paintings become something similar. Its all part of the creepyness.

    I'm reminded of Francis Bacon when I see your work (and I love him btw). I also think of expressionist who completely rock in my world. So, I think it's great. I understand the idea of rotting, I'm just fascinated by your process and (I assume) you show your work. I just hope people understand the process, because if I just saw your end result, I would be amazed, but man seeing your process and the end result I'm flat out blown away. :) I dig your work, keep it up! I hope you will be posting more to instructables. :)

    Bacon-baby wins my creepyvote.

    This genuinely disturbs me. How much did all this bacon set you back??? I hope it was sainsbury's basics.

    This is so very cool! Nicely done!! I gave you my vote, good luck!

    as a vegetarian i have to say, i'm shocked how you "play" with food
    but we all have to make sacrifices for art !!!
    this might be one of the creepiest, and sickest things i saw on the net (well according to what one hears there still seems too be much worse... )... but i have to admit, that i actually am really impressed by your sculpturing and drawing skills.
    i think this is awesome :)