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Introduction: Your Dog's Gift Exchange Item

Hahaha I don’t mean to be stuck up but I love my screen name :D

Anyways so this is a slide show I made on my gift exchange item. I was originally inspired by SerJ's Instructable, Make a Clock out of a Bicycle Brake Disc. So kudos to him!

I wanted to make a clock out of a disk brake, but could not find one used anywhere besides my bike. So I had to improvise. Hmmm... what else could I use... I could use a CD! Nah that's lame. Wait... what about that old saw blade I found and was going to make a knife out of? (Seriouly that's what I was going to with it) Yeah that will work! AND SO AN IDEA IS BORN

Anyways the rest of the story includes me going to target and buying a 4 dollar clock, learning how to angle grind, and grinding the crap out of the saw blade.

TADA! The magnificent mini saw blade clock!!!




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    I absolutely love it! It looks awesome and I love that it was made out of found parts!

    Nice! I brought my clock movement for $16. I feel ripped off.

    yeah i saw a couple clock mechanisms at the craft store where i got the numbers. I was surprised how easy it was to take apart the cheap clock!

    Nice. I was on a tight schedule and couldn't find any alternative.