In this tutorial you will learn how to get, print, cut out and glue your 1st paper model.
We will work with FIXED SIZED model (we will not resize / scale it).

You should know following before you start:
1.] What is Pepakura and how to start
2.] How to use Pepakura Viewer

Continue if you have all the info you need ;)

Updated: 2013/01/13 ... 3 hours of work so far :)

Step 1: Download and Open Your File

Download modified CUBE file:

Instead of 1 piece of paper I divided it into 6 parts.
More sides to glue = better practice !

Open your file in Pepakura Viewer.
Hit keys "Ctrl + O" ... OR ... File > Open ... or ... Drag&Drop it onto Pepakura window !
Fantastic work! my very first pep that I'm currently working on is a Halo helmet. And I noticed there were no guide numbers for edges. This helped ALOT!
Hi, <br> <br>you are welcome :)

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