Picture of Your first Pepakura project

In this tutorial you will learn how to get, print, cut out and glue your 1st paper model.
We will work with FIXED SIZED model (we will not resize / scale it).

You should know following before you start:
1.] What is Pepakura and how to start
2.] How to use Pepakura Viewer

Continue if you have all the info you need ;)

Updated: 2013/01/13 ... 3 hours of work so far :)

Step 1: Download and open your file

Picture of Download and open your file
Download modified CUBE file:

Instead of 1 piece of paper I divided it into 6 parts.
More sides to glue = better practice !

Open your file in Pepakura Viewer.
Hit keys "Ctrl + O" ... OR ... File > Open ... or ... Drag&Drop it onto Pepakura window !
nerdtoob1 year ago
Fantastic work! my very first pep that I'm currently working on is a Halo helmet. And I noticed there were no guide numbers for edges. This helped ALOT!
krsiak (author)  nerdtoob1 year ago

you are welcome :)