Your First Instructable?





Introduction: Your First Instructable?

  Everybody has a reason for being here but not everyone has posted.  I found myself in a motivational position lately witch gave me this idea. 
  When I found this place I could not post fast enough.   Over the years I've hit a brick wall or 2 or 3 times BUT, I crawl back every time.  No matter what your hang-up is, as long as you have a library card, as you will see, YOU CAN POST!

Step 1: Idea

  Ideas come in many forms.  Most of mine are caught while in the act.  Some I have posted after I finished in slide form or even just a photo. 
  The best ideas, I think, are our day to day habits..... the little things.  Every one of us does things differently. Even just showing your version of how you deal with your tooth paste tube makes the cut. 
  Surf around instructables.  Personally, if I surf around instructables and don't come up with an idea, I turn off the computer.  This place is full of great stuff to do AND improve on.
  Ask or talk a subject up.  Get into some of the forums and chat away.  You can also post in answers for things you are working on.
  Furthermore, read the comments below.  I know people will put up some more great ideas. 

Step 2: Get a Plan Together

  My shop teacher called it a plan of procedures.  Then I had a room mate who dressed like Elvis...... and Elvis once told me, "you gotta have a plan. You cant just get up and not have a plan." (RIP Elvis) 
  I actually use paper for this. Just scribble some steps down and let it flow from there. Ideas grow as you go!

Step 3: Dive In!

Don't worry its easy.  This place is set up to post easy..........DUH, I'm doing it!  I've even posted ways not to have a camera (like this instructable). See my "Texting to the internet" or "No camera? No problem!"....... Please relax and give it a try because.........

Step 4: You May Win a Cookie!

Have you seen the swag they give away around here?  You just can't go wrong.



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    More famous than you, pal, I don't see your image being stolen anywhere. Plus I'm clearly in the movies. Well, kind of fuzzily, not that clearly...

    Step 2 - I always have some sort of notebook with me, preferably with paper pages, because many of my ideas come as images, but at least my iPod so I can quickly add a sentence or two to my project list notes.