A Happy New Year with great instructables!

After the winter holiday, came the time to think "what am I doing with my Christmas tree?". If your Christmas tree was a real wood one, not a plastic one, this instructable will show you how to make a nice kitchen tool, a manual mixer.

Tools needed (I cannot name them since you can use many of them):
-something to cut the trunk of the Christmas tree
-something to shave the needles
-something to shave the bark

Materials needed:
-an old Christmas tree

Let's start!

Step 1: Cut the Top of the Christmas Tree

Cut the top side of the trunk right under the place where the last branches are attached, under the hub - cut on the red line on the picture.

The top of the Christmas tree is useful, the rest may be trashed or used as fuel for fire (check here how to do it ).

This operation can be done with many tools and in many ways - that is why I said "something to cut the trunk of the tree" at the Tools needed part.
That's actually not a bad idea. You could make a little umbrella for a doll or something, too.
Nice job!

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