The board game "Operation" is based on a very simple circuit, so you can build your own and customize it really easily!

Step 1: Intro and Materials

I first made this game when I was around 11 or 12, when I was on some rant about how the original Operation dude didn't wear any underpants. I told my mom she shouldn't let my younger brother play the game because it was inappropriate (I didn't actually believe this, though, I just liked arguing about things back then). So...I made my own (with boxers drawn on) and called it "Disease Remover". it's a very simple game to make, and it would make a really funny gift or practice for people who want to learn more about electronics.


Wire and wire strippers
Shoebox Lid
Metal Tweezers
Small Buzzer
2 AA Batteries and a holder
Drinking Straws
A small bit of spare cardboard
Could the electronics behind this work for a life-size operations game? I'm thinking of making one and donating it to my kids' school carnival. Thank you!!
you should make a video of this.<br />
Has anyone produced a version of this game that gives you an electric-shock? Blend with one of the Tazer Instructables and you're there... L (I like it)
Oh, they have (I should've checked first)<br/><br/><strong>Make Operation boardgame into shocking Paris Hilton Operation</strong><br/><br/>L<br/><br/>
oooooo, i like that.
You could make money off that idea. And then lose it all when you get sued, most likely. Still a great idea. I commend you XD
I made something like this in 5th gr. great project for kids thats love to tinker w/electronics! Good Job!
I love the story of why you did this!

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