Picture of Your own Operation Board Game
The board game "Operation" is based on a very simple circuit, so you can build your own and customize it really easily!
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Step 1: Intro and Materials

Picture of Intro and Materials
I first made this game when I was around 11 or 12, when I was on some rant about how the original Operation dude didn't wear any underpants. I told my mom she shouldn't let my younger brother play the game because it was inappropriate (I didn't actually believe this, though, I just liked arguing about things back then). So...I made my own (with boxers drawn on) and called it "Disease Remover". it's a very simple game to make, and it would make a really funny gift or practice for people who want to learn more about electronics.


Wire and wire strippers
Shoebox Lid
Metal Tweezers
Small Buzzer
2 AA Batteries and a holder
Drinking Straws
A small bit of spare cardboard

Step 2: Yep, that's all it is: The Circuit

Picture of Yep, that's all it is: The Circuit
There is one loop in this circuit, and it makes a complete circuit when your hand starts to get shaky and you let the tweezers touch the metal sides.

There isn't much to explain on this step; just make sure you connect everything with the right polarity as shown in the diagram.

There is gonna be a whole lot of wire hanging off of the negative end of the LED. This wire will make loops around the holes in your board, acting as the "metal sides" like on the real gameboard. Yes, this means you have to do a lot of wire stripping :c)
crx315s4 years ago
Could the electronics behind this work for a life-size operations game? I'm thinking of making one and donating it to my kids' school carnival. Thank you!!
ghost-toast5 years ago
you should make a video of this.
lemonie8 years ago
Has anyone produced a version of this game that gives you an electric-shock? Blend with one of the Tazer Instructables and you're there... L (I like it)
lemonie lemonie8 years ago
Oh, they have (I should've checked first)

Make Operation boardgame into shocking Paris Hilton Operation


clark lemonie7 years ago
oooooo, i like that.
You could make money off that idea. And then lose it all when you get sued, most likely. Still a great idea. I commend you XD
sardines4548 years ago
I made something like this in 5th gr. great project for kids thats love to tinker w/electronics! Good Job!
ewilhelm8 years ago
I love the story of why you did this!