Step 4: Wire It Up!

If you haven't done so already, build the circuit in the diagram on Step 2.

There should be a lot of excess wire hanging off of the negative side of the LED. Strip all of it; enough to wrap around all of the holes in the bottom of your board. This exposed wire will act as the "metal sides" that players will try not to touch.

Using the spare pieces of cardboard, we can make holders for these pieces of straw.
Bend the pieces of cardboard, as shown in the picture, and superglue or tape them to the bottom side of your shoebox lid, over the holes.
Thank you!! Been looking for this info everywhere on the web!!. My 2nd grader wants to create one for her Science Project!. Thanks again!
Could the electronics behind this work for a life-size operations game? I'm thinking of making one and donating it to my kids' school carnival. Thank you!!
you should make a video of this.<br />
Has anyone produced a version of this game that gives you an electric-shock? Blend with one of the Tazer Instructables and you're there... L (I like it)
Oh, they have (I should've checked first)<br/><br/><strong>Make Operation boardgame into shocking Paris Hilton Operation</strong><br/><br/>L<br/><br/>
oooooo, i like that.
You could make money off that idea. And then lose it all when you get sued, most likely. Still a great idea. I commend you XD
I made something like this in 5th gr. great project for kids thats love to tinker w/electronics! Good Job!
I love the story of why you did this!

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