YourDuino: Basic Arduino-Compatible Collision-Avoiding Robot

Picture of YourDuino: Basic Arduino-Compatible Collision-Avoiding Robot

How to build a Basic Arduino-Compatible Collision-Avoiding Robot

Note: See the available Arduino Software Test Sketches and Collision-Avoidance Software HERE (Click)

Note: Later you will need to have the Arduino "IDE" software development system installed on your computer and working.

We have a detailed page on doing this if you have not used Arduino before. See it here:

We tried to design a simple robot which would be low cost ($40-50)

Here are the parts you will need. These are widely available on Ebay, Sparkfun, Adafruit etc. Links to are included and show details and how-to on individual parts.

The Parts to build this Robot are available as a Kit HERE:
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Step 1: Small Parts of the Robot Base Chassis

Picture of Small Parts of the Robot Base Chassis
  • Caster Wheel. This swivels around to allow robot movement in any direction. When you assemble this later make sure you use the 4 screws with large heads. (see photo)
  • Encoder discs (2) Not Used in this kit. These can be used with more complex software to measure the wheel rotation.
  • 3mm (Millimeters) size 30mm long machine screw (4) use to assemble to motors and brackets.
  • Power Switch (optional): This may be difficult to push into place in the rectangular cutout in the chassis. Wiring details later.
  • Motor Mounting Brackets (4) will hold the motors to the chassis.
  • Assorted 3mm diameter machine screws and nuts.
  • 12mm long brass metal standoffs (4). These are threaded inside so screws can be used to hold the Caster Wheel in place at the right level.