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My son wanted to give something other than candy for his Valentine's Day cards.

We checked one of my favorite sites together, and sure enough, he picked this valentine, because he wanted to give a bouncy ball to all his friends.

This valentine was pretty cool to make, but I admit, I did all the work for cutting the area for the ball out. My son tried it, but we all decided that an 8-year old was too young to cut the area out, even under supervision.

We also decided to add a candy anyway, as I know from experience that Valentines are just 'paper shame' to an eight year old kiddo.

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Step 1: Materials, Tools & Printable

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I've attached the printable .jpg heart pattern for your use. I printed it on white cardstock to help it hold up to the cutting and tracing I needed it for. Please use it for personal use only.

We found this amazing sparkly paper at a craft store, on sale for $0.25 per 12x12 size sheet. I was able to fit five hearts on one page, so for his class of 28, I needed six sheets.

I had in my personal craft stash scissors, a silver gel pen, a white stamp pad, "Happy Valentines Day" rubber stamp, the embossing powder, the heating tool and the plastic "plate" I use to catch the embossing powder.

I had to purchase the rubber balls (3-packages of 12), the small Zots (scrapbooking glue-dots) and the Hershey kisses.

(The kisses are optional, of course!)

My estimate for the cost (we spent) is about $16 for the paper, the bouncy balls, the kisses and the glue dots I didn't have.

Step 2: Cut out the Hearts

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I cut out one of the hearts from the white printable, and traced five hearts on one 12x12 sheet of paper, using a regular ball point pen on the black back-side of the sheet.

This step took me about an hour.

sunshiine1 year ago

This is very clever! Thanks for sharing.


DeandrasCrafts (author)  sunshiine1 year ago

Thanks as always sunshiine!!!

Those are just awesome! Bouncy balls sound like awesome little valentine's gifts and they look just like awesome planets!

I have to wait for Valentine's Day until I find out if all my son's friends like the bouncy balls. All I can say for right now is 8-year old with bouncy ball = 20-minutes of alone time for me.... =)