Youtube for Your Ipod





Introduction: Youtube for Your Ipod

I will be showing you how to upload Youtube videos on to your iPod without downloading anything. All you need is access to the internet and an iPod. And if you don't already have itunes you will need to download that. but I am suspecting that if you have an iPod you already have itunes.

Step 1: Getting Everything Ready

Go to and for starters.

Step 2: Getting Your Video

Find the video you want to put on your ipod and copy the URL when you watch the video.

Step 3: Converting Your Video

Paste the URL in the URL space on the website. Make sure that the video conversion is set to Mp4 for your iPod. I circled it in blue to show you. Then click start, I have also circled this to show you where it is located. By the way if it says that an error has occurred or that the server is busy just refresh it. If that doesn't work exit the website and then start a new window and go back and try it again.

Step 4: Putting the Video on Your IPod

In order to put the video on your iPod you must have itunes opened. After the video has successfully downloaded click and drag it into the owners iPod tab in your itunes. After it has downloaded into your iPod you can look at the video on your iPod whenever you want.



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    does it work with a nano ipod

    Well I dont own one myself but if it can play video then it should.

    Yes this is completely legal. If you can watch youtube on your computer you can watch it on your ipod. Youtube is a non-profit website, so yes it is completely legal.