Step 6: Place a Little Candle in the Hole.

I bought a bag of 100 tea lights at a flat-packing super store that will remained un-named. Hint, if you walk in with a five-dollar bill, you can get the bag of 100 candles, a cup of coffee, and a soft-serve cone.
why won't you tell the name of the store where you got the candles? you don't want people to get a deal as good as yours?
Hey, <br>I live in the UK and I am thinking of making one of these, But what type of wood should I use?<br>Cheers : )
Any that you like. If it looks good, use it. For me it was all about what was available -- a yucca that needed to be cut down. Good luck.
do yucca trees grow in climate zone 4-5? or did you use yucca because of the bark?
Yuccas are listed as zones 9, 10a & b, and 11. That's not to say they won't grow elsewhere, volunteers seem to pop-up in the weirdest places. I used Yucca because I was in the process of cutting one down behind my house.
Yucca plants grow in the wild in Michigan though they are not native here. The only gets about 2-3 feet high at most, though the flower spikes are another 2 feet high. And they are not tree-like at all. They do not have a trunk.<br>
Not Highland Park, Michigan. Highland Park, a neighborhood in Northeast Los Angeles. Here, they are very tree-like, including a trunk.
Is it possible that the wood could catch fire?
The votive itself is flammable because it is basically a dry tree limb, but I haven't had a problem with them catching fire.
I like these. Very nice, and good for any time of the year. Thanks!
They're nifty!
DO NOT use your feet for clamps. If the drill twists around or does not go straight down, the next thing it will go through is your foot. That "fibrous inside" of the tree is much harder than your shoe, or foot, and you will not want to clean your metatarsals off the drill bit.
Gotta agree with that one. Feet ain't cheap. Aside from that, the results look good.
Very nice!

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