Introduction: Yummmmmy!!!!!!

this is one of the easiest and super delicious ice cream made with 3 ingredients. the result is amazing. i hope you will try it beacuse it deserve.

Step 1: Ingredients

note: this is the basic recipe but you can double the ingredients except for the sugar is adapted according to the personal taste.

1 natural unsweeted yougurt

1 unsweeted condenced milk ( 160ml).

100g of granulated or castor sugar

Step 2: In a Bol Mix the Milk and the Sugar for 3 Minutes or Untill the Sugar Is Melted

Step 3: During Mixing Add the Yougurt and Keep Going for Another 2 Minutes

Step 4: This Is the Final Result

Step 5: Saved It in the Fridge for 2 Hours

Step 6: After 2 Hours Mix the Ice Cream With a Spoon

Step 7: Take a Piece of Cling Film and Put It Over the Ice Cream to Create a Smooth Surface Then Return It to the Fridge for Overnight

Step 8: The Best Part Is It Remains Creamy Not Freezed



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i wouldn't mind trying this. I could make different flavors by experimenting with different yoghurts.

thank you so much for your comment. for sure, you can do it with different yoghurts.the origin recipe was made with vanilla youghurt.i hope you will try it because it's super delicious.i lost my ice cream scoop that's why it was a little bit messy in the picture.