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I love granola. I haven't been able to find one that I loved, ready made. So I decided to make my own. After much experimenting and reading and trying other recipes. I came up with this one. I have a large family and have made this recipe to suit our needs. I hope you enjoy it!

Step 1: What You Will Need

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I make two batches of granola every Sunday. One I make with the nuts and one without.

12 cups of  quick oats

1 cup of Olive oil (or your favorite light oil, canola, grapeseed)

1 cup of Maple syrup if you don't like the flavor of the maple syrup I have also made it with light corn syrup

1 cup of packed dark brown sugar. If you prefer the light or golden feel free to substitute

3 cups of shredded Coconut- again this is optional, if your allergic or just don't like the consistency don't put it in.

3 cups of sliced almonds- I just buy the whole ones and chop mine up these are optional

1 cup of dried fruit-again optional. In the one I make without nuts I also do not add the dried fruit. The kids add fresh strawberries, bananas to their own bowl.

1 pan large enough to hold everything. I use my roasting pan.

3 cups of chopped cashews- again optional

measuring cup

knife for chopping nuts

Step 2: Prepare Your Ingredients

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Pre-heat the oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now is when you will chop your nuts up if you bought them whole.

No need to chop them too small. I like the way they clump together while they are baking. No need for them to all be the same size either.

Step 3: Putting It All Together

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Ok, now your going to add all the ingredients except for the oil, syrup and fruit. Mix well.

Now add your oil , mix.

Then add the syrup. mix well.

Step 4: Time to Bake

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Place your pan into the oven.  You are going to stir the granola every fifteen minutes for one hour and fifteen minutes. This way it gets a nice even color.

Let cool. This is when you add your dried fruit , chocolate chips if you want.

We eat it over soy yogurt, with soy milk, also if you heat up your milk then pour it over the granola yummy!!

I hope you have enjoyed my first instruct-able.


ToniRose (author)2011-03-02

How much oatmeal?

my 9 lives (author)ToniRose2011-03-04

Oh my so sorry! 12 cups

johniram (author)2011-03-02

I love granola, especially homemade.

scoochmaroo (author)2011-03-02

I love homemade granola!

BLASTFEMI (author)2011-05-12

NOM NOM NOM! I WANT! Thanks for sharing. Maybe I'll break down and make some now.

my 9 lives (author)BLASTFEMI2011-05-18

I hope so:) You will love it:)

dailymx (author)2011-05-16

Thank you, dear)

NaturalCrafter (author)2011-05-12

I love oatmeal with applesauce, for cookies with jam centers and even in soap.
Maple syrup or honey are great for holding things together, and I would probably add whatever was available like walnuts or pecans, though cashews are always great to eat.

Tooraj (author)2011-03-03

See for calories and nutritional values.

I have not included oatmeal as it is missing from your list.

I am afraid it is very high in fat content. See this one for much less calories and fat.

Nesagwa (author)Tooraj2011-03-06

Kind of missing the point of granola. It is meant to be a nutrient and protein dense food. Almost all of the fat comes from olive oil and nuts. I think it does go a bit overboard with the sugar, but that is easily scaled back and for the amount it makes, two cups of sugar is not a lot.

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