It's really Simple to make Gooey Delicious Goodness the marshmallowy heaven that is a mallow cup Yummy

You will need :

Cupcake Papers   {Cupcake Pans Optional } 
Double Boiler or Microwave
Small Spoon {like a baby feeding spoon}
Butter Knife


Bakers Chocolate chips  {24 oz} package
Marshmallow Fluff            { 7 oz } Jar
Milk or Soy Milk                  { 1/8  }  Cup
Milk is Actually Optional i used it because the bakers Chocolate would not melt well without it in a double boiler for some reason .

Here we go i Hope you Enjoy !

Step 1: Stuff

The Goodies Simple and sweet ...
Have you ever thought of adding nuts to change to "Rocky Road" wondering if that work?

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