Picture of Yummy MarshMallow Cups

It's really Simple to make Gooey Delicious Goodness the marshmallowy heaven that is a mallow cup Yummy

You will need :

Cupcake Papers   {Cupcake Pans Optional } 
Double Boiler or Microwave
Small Spoon {like a baby feeding spoon}
Butter Knife


Bakers Chocolate chips  {24 oz} package
Marshmallow Fluff            { 7 oz } Jar
Milk or Soy Milk                  { 1/8  }  Cup
Milk is Actually Optional i used it because the bakers Chocolate would not melt well without it in a double boiler for some reason .

Here we go i Hope you Enjoy !

Step 1: Stuff

Picture of Stuff
The Goodies Simple and sweet ...
stoliupgirl2 years ago
Have you ever thought of adding nuts to change to "Rocky Road" wondering if that work?
ChrysN4 years ago