Yummy Tangy Smoothie


Introduction: Yummy Tangy Smoothie

Step 1: Apricot

This smoothie will be enough for one large smoothie, start of by adding one fresh apricot.

Step 2: Bananas

Add about 2 fresh bananas (not frozen).

Step 3: Raspberries

Add about a quarter cup of fresh raspberries (again not frozen)

Step 4: Strawberries

Add two frozen strawberries for sweetness. I froze them myself so they could be as fresh as possible.

Step 5: Peaches

Add a couple slices of frozen peaches. I bought these ones already frozen.

Step 6: Water

Add a two table spoons of water so that it blends easier.

Step 7: Blend It Up

Blend until smooth.

Step 8: Poor and Enjoy!



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