Yummy in Your Tummy Minny BURGER Cookies





Introduction: Yummy in Your Tummy Minny BURGER Cookies

Have you ever had the pleasure of sampling burgers that were cookies?Well now you can! This cookie is simple to make and will take no time! Believe me,There's no pickles about this burger!!!!!

We are an academy for the arts class and we believe in having fun!

recipe taken from https://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-and-Sweet-Burger-Cookies/

intro written BY:JAZMYN CRESPO AND Elizabeth harvey

Step 1: Gather Matierials

Get your materials ready!

1.)Vanilla Wafers

2.)Vanilla icing

3.)Red,Green,Yellow Food Coloring ( or red green yellow icing in tubes. Which is what we ended up using)

4.)Chocolate covered Oreo's (we used deviled food cakes that were fat free)

5.) Big Zip Locked Bags

6.)paper towels

7) paper napkins. it gets messy!

Step 2: Start Assembling!

on a paper towel, place two vanilla wafers

Step 3: Assembling Continued

put the deviled food cake on top of the vanilla wafer.

Step 4: Add Your Icing (condiments) Hehe

in no particular order, add your "ketchup"



Step 5: Time to Eat!

now eat your not so healthy burger as hastily as you can.

Step 6: Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed your minny burgers. They are so quick to make and so delicious! Let us know if you make them!



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    Daww what an adorable project, and it looks like the kids loved it too!