This is my way of making chocolate roses its easy fast and not very messy. Its perfect for gifts, cakes, for your valentine, or just a delicous treat, my family loved them. Its a great activity to do w/ a couple of friends or alone(which i prefer:). The thing i love about this is that it cost no more than $5 and not very complicated ingredients or supplies. Like i said this is my way to make them but there are many more ways other than mine!

Step 1: Ingredients and Main Supplies

You will need the following:
8-12oz of chocolate chips(this makes about two roses)
> 1/2cup of corn syrup
> strawberries (as many as the amount of roses you wants to make)
> water
> plastic bag
> plastic container
> bamboo sticks or any strong wood sticks
> pair of hands:D
holy sheep hearts thats cool
What is corn syrup. Does anyone know if there is anything similar in the UK?
Normal corn syrup is Golden syrup in the UK, Dark corn syrup is Treacle.. I think<br>
These are beautiful! I am definitely going to have to try this out. Thanks!
does the rose strt to melt when you touch it, hold it for a while or just keep it outside for a while?
well, yes since it is still chocolate but it doesnt melt completely it just gets softer and harder to work with. but all you have to do is let it sit and and hold a cup of ice before starting to work with it again.
Very cool.

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