Step 8: White Liner

Picture of White Liner
The Mongols put a liner in their ger, so I thought I'd try it. The varnished wood frame looks really good against the white cloth.

It took some trigonometry to figure out the pattern for the roof covering. The wall is 10 feet in diameter and the rafters extend up at a 26 degree angle. Some trig gets us the following pattern to cover it:

It's shaped like the red 'C' in the Colorado state flag seen below.
The outer circle is 11 feet in diameter and the inner one is 27" in diameter.
The pac-man style "mouth" gore is 40" wide at the outside and 9" wide where it touches the inner circle.

I scavenged a big roll of knit cotton t-shirt material. I sewed my roof lining from that. It's easy to stretch over the frame. I sewed a drawstring into the outer edge of the roof liner. That helps it hook over the tops of the wall lattice.

The wall liner is easy - the cloth on the roll was wide enough to cover the wall with no sewing at all. Make yours long enough to wrap around the inside of the door frame and secure inside to the lattice. The stretchiness of the knit made it easy to hook over the tops of the walls under the shoulder band. The knit fabric is heavy. If your fabric isn't stretchy or if it's slippery you'll need to sew loops into the edge to hook over the tops of the wall.

Pete and Leslie take shelter from a dust storm.