Z-Bend Hyper Hornet





Introduction: Z-Bend Hyper Hornet

This is a very simple,fast,accurate,and hard hittind hornet design.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need any size paper clip and any size rubber band. (I perfer a larger one) There is one that is complete on the paper if you get confused.

Step 2: Bending

first unravle the paperclip untill there is one bend left.like in the picture, leave that bend alone and straighten the long section. (Mine is not that good so no complaints).

Step 3: Fireing

first stretch the rubber band over your thumb and index finger (either hand) and with the smaller of the two bends hook it around the half closest to your hand.

Step 4: Fireing Cont.

Look at the rubber band and you will see that it forms a triangle that is what we want.Now pull back as far as you want,aim, AND WATCH IT GO!



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    I make these but different so that they go into ceilings

    OMFG are you serious?!?!?!?!?!

    i guess kind of like this:


    That's exactly what I was gonna make for my next Instructable. If you make it in this shape when using thin copper it's super accurate and it has great aerodynamics for some reason. Also can penetrate soft tissue and thick pieses of cardboard

    Thin copper sheet, mind you. It'll look wavy like a waffled coin (look it up) but more rectangular.

    I used to use these to shoot stray dogs. LOL

    God its been years since ive logged into this website lol. and yeas people i did forget a step, but unfortunatly i forget how to edit my posts. but all you have to do after you straighten it is to bend about an inch of the straight end to mirror the other bend hence it becomes a "Z"

    is just me or did you forget a step

    He forgot a step