I present here an easy to make 'Z Fold Display Standee' which is compact to carry and can alternatively be displayed on a flat surface using double-sided tape.

This Instructable has two novel features:

  1. It reuses old scrap foam board material form discarded No-Parking/Advertisement signs
  2. Presents a method of providing stability to the opened-out display by incorporating a method to weigh down the bottom edges.

Step 1: Materials

The Standee is built using low cost Foam board (graphic art board) re-purposed from old no-parking/advertisement boards.

The Z-Folding is implemented using cloth hinges and stability to the display in standing position is provided by metal rods inserted into cloth channels glued to the bottom.


  1. Foam Board 12" x 18" Six Pieces
  2. Cloth for Hinges 1.5" x 5" 30 Pieces
  3. Synthetic General Purpose Glue (Fevicol general purpose white adhesive used)
  4. Stapler
  5. Steel rod 3/8" X 10" six pieces
  6. Display printout sized to 12" x 18" Six Sheets

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Bio: I am a retired Electronic Systems Engineer now pursuing my hobbies full time. I share what I do especially with the world wide student community.
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