Z3 Knex Gun Firing Demonstration





Introduction: Z3 Knex Gun Firing Demonstration

I've been working on this for the past 4 months. Pump once, fire 3 times semi-automatically. Gets 50 feet of range. I still have some work I'd like to do on it before I post instructions. It weighs about 9 pounds.

Check out images of it here.

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    Any progress on posting this thing Oblivitus?

    If you post, I definately want to build it!

    I have half the gun modeled and three steps finished on the instructable.


    Thanks for letting know.

    Dam that is good. 5*

    But it is a bit big!

    love your concepts man... i haven't been around for awhile but projects like this one keep me coming back for more!

    Thanks! I'm in the process of doubling the capacity on this. I put a second turret below the first one and wrapped the ammo chain around the two of them. Make sure you check out the photos too if you haven't. I also made a rotator mech for the turret (which I'm unfortunately having to modify because it needs more power for the increased weight of the chain). But yeah, thanks. I did use quite a few new ideas here.

    hey man. long time no speak... lol. anyway, check out my REMPAR-2 'ible (i made quite a few improvements on the internals, so i guess it's the next version of it). tell me what you think. also, you are all welcome to take a look at a gun that has gotten nothing but positive reviews by many people.

    Hey, how's it going? I left a comment on the instructable.

    Fine... Fine... But, uggh no you didn't. No comment there by you. accidentaly close it before clicking "post comment" maybe? lol