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Introduction: Z3 Knex Gun

About: I paint, write music, and used to build knex guns. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art. - updated 5/7/2014

So here's my big post of the year.

I've been working on this for the past 4 months. Pump once, fire 3 times semi-automatically. Gets 50 feet of range. The gun weighs about 9 pounds. I still have some work I'd like to do on it before I post instructions. One of the things I'd like to do to it is double the capacity by adding another revolver wheel and draping a longer ammo chain (about 36 rounds) over the two wheels. The second wheel would go directly under the current one.

The section that sticks out in front of the pump is to rest it on things. The white connectors on the butt prevent it from sliding up when cocking and down from the weight. It uses an alternating trigger system and three barrels. It also uses a new system for spinning a TR-18 turret.

Hope you like it. It takes a butt load of parts though.

Check out a video of it here.

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    this is one heck of a gun! amazing! that must have been time-consuming to make

    are you still working on the model for this? man it would take 20 hours tops (not straight, obviously) to make a normal instructable from scratch (take it apart, take pics, rebuild, upload, add notes and stuff etc.) for this... it's been over 8 months and you still haven't posted it !!! i mean, i could build it easily from the pics and the trigger mech you showed me, so i'm not saying that because i want it posted that badly, i just came across it and thought you were either really stubborn to insist on making an mlcad model for it, or you just lost interest in it, so i had to post this comment... also, i posted my S3, finally... you said you were going to work on it to get a turret on there... do you stand by that statement?

    4 replies

    I stopped working on it a few weeks ago because I got stuck. I'm going to finish it eventually... sigh...it's annoying me. I have a majority of the instructable done. Yeah, I want to build your S3 after I finish the instructable and free up some parts and do some kind of improving to it. I haven't been doing anything with knex for weeks though, been writing music everyday recently. I'll get back to the knex sometime though.

    ok sounds good. hope you finish up with it soon so you can focus on the 3252. i wanna see what you come up with. also, i remember you saying you think paper is too big a manipulation for you, so i was wondering if you're gonna be stubborn again and try to find another solution, or make the gun thicker, or just use paper.

    also, you know, i just figured that means you also haven't posted anything new in over 8 months... have you even been working on something since then (of course, other than the 3252)?

    Nope. Nothing new this year besides the 3252 stuff. Did about 100 hours of painting this summer and probably 200+ hours of writing and practicing music so not as much knex.

    Does the pump cock all three pins, then does an alternating trigger
    mech allow the three pins to fire in succesion, allowing for three shots of semi auto?

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    it works like a revolver you pump once and it cocks all the pins then when you pull the trigger it spins the cylider and fires

    But this is. I'm not sure why you'd think I wouldn't post it. If someone works hard on something and it turns out well then they should post it for the benefit of others. That would be like a scientist who doesn't share their findings or the artist who doesn't share their work.