Welcome to my instructable on how to change the plain old iron sights on your Z35 into a red/green dot scope! This is REALLY easy to do, and makes a big difference to the appearance of the gun.

Looks good

Easily breakable (easily repaired though!)

This is my first instructable, so please no rudeness if you think it is a loada' carp (yes, carp). constructive criticism welcome.

Credit Goes to Oblivitus for making the Z35!
credit also goes to (Atlas) for the scope design!
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~KGB~3 years ago
green dot lol
spazgadget (author)  ~KGB~3 years ago
lol i don't have any red parts/ red paint. However, if you really wanted red dot then you could cut the end off a red rod or something.
And, wow, i've got some of the best k'nexiblers viewing my ible? Wow.
lol true.... Thanks lol =D
This is pretty cool. May have to rebuild the z35.
GrandeSwag3 years ago
Seriously? You didn't think I would notice my exact design?
spazgadget (author)  GrandeSwag3 years ago
thankyou! i have been looking for the creator for ages! i'll put your credit on nouw.
(om nom nom credit! [it does sound tasty!])