ZATCIOG (Zkar V2 and Tar-21 Combined Into One Gun





Introduction: ZATCIOG (Zkar V2 and Tar-21 Combined Into One Gun

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here I am with another great gun! 
As you  may know I had the Zkar v2 and the Tar-21 for a while but they became boring so I broke them. but then I accidently found out they look great if you merge them together so I did!
Here is the result: it features:
50 feet range 
removable, curved magazine (held in by friction)
great looks
good trigger and stock
accurate sights
pin guide

I give 45% credit to Zak (knarez) for the stock and trigger.
30% to Dutchwarlord for the magazine mech.
and last but not least 25% credit to me for merging them together, increase the looks, add a barrel extension, making the sights and get the idea :)



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    Nope. Check out Dutchwarlord's TAR-21. I merged it together with the Zkar v2.
    It wasn't ment to look like a TAR-21.

    Check out Dutchwarlord's Tar-21
    I built his.

    Ziet er goed uit. wow 3 instructables op een dag =D.