ZED Teardown


Introduction: ZED Teardown

ZED is a stereo camera, this can be used to calculate a depth map through advanced image processing techniques. If you want to know what is inside here are photos and how you can disassembly it with the minimum damage to the case.

Step 1: Material

For these we are going to use:

- ZED camera

- Dremel or other rotary tool

- 1/8 Drill

- Cross screwdriver

Step 2: Drill

We are going to drill with the 1/8 in the center of the circle marked in the picture, to get an access for the screwdriver.

Step 3: Inside

Photos of ZED camera.



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    1 Questions

    WHich is the processor used in ZED Camera

    Hi, I think is this one: ov00580-b21g-1c. It's an image signal processor bridge chip.