Tired of having to carefully insert and remove your Attiny84 or 85 from the jaws of a dip socket, risking with every pull the possibility of bending the legs beyond straightening or worse, tearing them clean off?! If so, this instructable is for you! Cheesy sales pitch aside, this setup allows you to easily and safely program an Attiny45/85/44/84 with the ability to use an external clock if necessary!

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

This project will take a fair amount of components. Chief among them is the ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) DIP (dual in-line pin) socket, which allows you to easily and safely switch out chips without the risk of damaging the frail legs. Here is the list of all of the components:

- Arduino Uno board to use as the ISP (In System Programming) programmer.

- 4cm x 6cm Protoboard (I prefer the double sided type).

- Male and female headers.

- 28 pin ZIF DIP socket.

- LED and current limiting resistor (220 ohm in this case).

- 2x 22pF ceramic capacitors (I used 20pF).

- 10uF electrolytic capacitor.

- 22 or 24 AWG solid copper wire

- Attiny85/84

NOTE: I initially thought that I would need a jumper to decouple the capacitors from ground when the internal clock was being used but it turned out to not be important, therefore, you will not need the jumper as seen in the picture.

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